Which One Is Better to Apply for at College, CCNP Certification or CCIE Certification?

Question: I’m a junior majoring in network engineering and I want to take the Cisco certification exam. My three roommates have participated in CCIE certification training. Because the training and registration fee for CCIE certification is relatively high, I want to take part in the CCNP training first and later I will take the CCIE certification exam after I have made some money. But my roommates said that it’s useless to take the CCNP certification and I am very tangled and confused. I don’t know how to make a choice. I wonder what enterprises think of CCNP certification, whether CCNP certificate is really useless and how to choose a training institution.

Answer: The content of CCNP certification mainly includes the basic knowledge of the network and it has low requirements for the practical ability of network planning, debugging, and troubleshooting. Therefore, it is easy to pass and maybe less useful when you apply for a job

But CCIE certification has much higher requirements. It is better to apply for CCIE certification when your economic condition permits because you can learn more knowledge, practice more and obtain a certificate with higher value. Besides, after three years learning of network engineering at college, you actually should have met the technical requirements of CCNP certification.

If you want to obtain a certificate, the CCIE certificate is of high value. Actually, the exam fee for CCNA and CCNP certification actually costs the same as that of CCIE’s lab exam. And people can pass CCNP certification through reciting question dumps. You can imagine how easy the exam is. So even if you master a lot, a CCNP certificate cannot make you outstanding among other applicants for a position. The difficulty of the CCIE certification exam is relatively high, and the value of the certificate is thus higher. If you have made up your mind to take the CCIE exam, take it early. Don’t be reluctant to pay the registration fee because obtaining the CCIE certificate will add to your personal value as well as your salary.

As for training institutions, choose those famous ones, such as SPOTO. Self-study is a good way of learning but it is not suitable for everyone. I once spent a lot of time learning CCNA and CCNP through self-study while my classmates took part in CCIE certification training. They learned a lot more in only 2 or 3 months than I did in 2 years. You should understand that the network industry is not simply about writing code, and often the understanding of knowledge through self-study is not deep enough. There were a lot of problems encountered that I failed to handle by myself. Moreover, the number of people engaging in this industry is small. Your questions are often straightforward, but you have no one to turn to for help. But when I went to the training institution and took CCIE certification courses in SPOTO later, I found that I could discuss my questions with my classmates and the lecturers at any time. The learning speed got greatly improved.

If I were allowed to choose when I would take the CCIE certification exam again, I would say that if the school schedule allowed, the sooner the better. I took the exam in Grade 4. When I was preparing for the lab exam of CCIE, many of my classmates were taking part in the campus recruitment. But there were only two courses in my junior year. If I had passed the CCIE certification exam at that time, I would have been able to participate in the campus recruitment of senior students. Therefore, take the exam as early as possible if your economic condition is not too bad. https://www.spotodumps.com

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