Climate Change: The need to raise awareness among students

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is considered to be one of the phenomena that have the ability to alter the course of the globe and bring about natural destruction. It is defined as a concept that refers to the long-term shifts observed in the field of temperature and weather patterns. on most occasions the shifter of a nature which may be caused by variations observed in the Solar cycle. However, currently, the major driver of climate change is due to the incessant burning of fossil fuels including the likes of coal and oil along with natural gas.

How can climate change impact our daily lives?

Climate change today has the ability to have a strong impact on our everyday life by bringing about changes in temperature and rainfall. it has the ability to cause warming of temperatures as well as changes observed in the frequency of precipitation. It can also cause alteration and intensity of extreme weather events such as increasing the sea levels or causing the melting of ice caps. 


Each of these factors has a tremendous impact on our daily lifestyle as it will impact the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe as well as whether they are adapted too. such a severe impact will have long-term effects on our health conditions and thereby make living more unbearable.

Role of education in creating awareness

In the last few years, there have been several institutions have come forward and started raising awareness regarding the importance of climate change. Most of these actors have taken help from the educational fields to raise awareness among the students. It is important to highlight that the current educational sector is right with the excitement of learning about modern technologies through the various present platform to sell courses online. The excitement to learn about new concepts and achieve educational objectives makes it difficult for students to comprehend the importance of Climate Change in their lives.

It is because of this factor that it is of fundamental importance that parents and teachers acknowledge this respect and start developing a curriculum that will provide a better understanding of the issue of climate change to the students. In the current educational market, there have been several entrepreneurs who sell online courses from your own website, each raising awareness about the issue of climate change.

Education will allow climate conservationists as well as educators, to actively work towards creating awareness by showcasing to students the reality of harmful practices. This may include making them aware of how air pollution is contributing to climate change by showcasing to them how the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses has caused the Ozone Layer to be unable to protect the earth. Raising awareness will also enable the teachers to showcase to the students how the result of climate change, the ice caps are melting and the impact it will have on our daily lives not far in the future. When students are taught and trained about the impact climate change may have, it will help in raising their conscience and preparing them for developing a sustainable future. 

Role of students in preventing climate change

The students of today have the ability to play a very active role in preventing climate change by raising awareness about this issue and taking an active part in the decision-making process of reducing pollution in the air. The students can work towards actively supporting initiatives of the government that will help in reducing variables that are significantly responsible for causing climate change, such as motivating the use of carpools instead of taking private cars.

Moreover, the students can also bring about changes in their daily life by conserving energy in every way they can such as by switching off lights and fans when not in use.  They can also take the initiative of planting more trees and encouraging others to do the same. The students can take this initiative by asking the administrative offices in the schools and colleges to work towards developing a greener campus underlying the students to become an active part of the same. taking these initiatives will enable the students to take an active role in preventing climate change.

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