How To Rejuvenate, Clean, And Protect the Black Leather Shoes?

Having a black pair of shoes is sometimes the biggest trouble. It is really frustrating to clean your black shoes when there is rainy weather outside or you came from a rushy area. Depending on the type of shoe fabric you can hire the premium laundry near me.

You can remove the stains and dust particles from your black shoes at home but sometimes you need a professional shoe cleaning in Dubai. For each type of shoe either leather shoes or canvas shoes, there are different approaches and techniques to clean and maintain the shoes.

The reason why black shoes got fade easily

While talking about the shoes, the black color got more quickly and easily faded due to the following reasons.

Water is one of the main causes of black color shoe deterioration. In winters, the icy weather easily causes wet shoe damage and affects the strength of the black color, especially for the delicate fabric shoes such as leather and suede shoes, it is very difficult to stand in more than two seasons due to water and weather situations.

On the other hand, there is a big culprit of the black color dullness which is the intense sunlight. When you do not store your leather shoes properly, or expose them to the sunlight for a longer period of time it will cause a bleaching effect to the black color.

How do you rejuvenate your black shoes?

Shoe cleaning in Dubai is offered by many premium laundry services near me, but in order to gain the black shine again, there are some steps to follow using a shoe dye.

  • Coating of shoe dye on the surface of the shoe fabric with the help of soft cotton cloth or a fine brush.
  • Cover the soles of the shoes with medical tape to protect the sole from getting stained with the dye.
  • Use a light fine brush to remove the debris and dirt on the polished shoes.
  • Spray a shoe protectant to set the dye and protect the shoes.

How do you clean your black shoes?

Following are some steps that are taken to clean the black leather shoes.

  • Remove the dust particles from the shoe surface with the help of a soft cloth or brush.
  • In a home remedy, you can apply toothpaste on the leather part that has to be cleaned and rub it gently.
  • You can also apply baking soda to remove the stains of oil or grease.

How do you protect your black shoes?

In order to protect your black leather shoes, you have to take some simple yet important trials.

  • In order to protect your shoes from water, you can apply a good quality balm or wax on the shoe surface. This will nourish your leather shoe and protect them from getting cracked.
  • Never apply any kind of direct heat on the leather shoes. Or in hot summers, do not expose your shoes to direct sunlight that causes hardening of leather and scratching of the surface.
  • Apply polish or shoe protectant on regular basis to keep the leather fresh and soft.


Whether these are daily used leather shoes or occasionally wearing leather shoes, you have to keep them alive in order to have a good impression on society. There is a service of premium laundry near me where you can have the best quality treatment for your shoes. Shoe cleaning in Dubai is not a matter of worry now, you can either protect your shoes at home with some good quality products.

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