Charcoal Facewash

Charcoal Facewash: Is the Hype Worth It?

We can sense the future troubles our skin may face during the upcoming summer and rainy seasons. With already tight work schedules and a sedentary lifestyle, the struggles of maintaining skin radiance can be hard on our minds and our body. It can also generate much anxiety with the onset of acne and hyperpigmentation. Here’s a smart way to get rid of it- Charcoal Facewash. 

This carbon-based skincare product helps absorb and remove impurities, excess oil, sebum, and dead skin cells that clog the skin pores. It also wipes out bacteria and germs residing in the skin pores, thus removing any chances of acne or other skin blemishes. 

The key is to thus opt for a safe, gentle, effective, and toxin-free charcoal-based face wash that helps you avail of these benefits. We recommend that you opt for it from a brand certified by renowned agencies and offer a wide range of safe and gentle skincare products.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated Charcoal is a detoxifying substance formed by following the process of controlled decomposition of carbon-based compounds. It involves heating carbon-rich materials, such as coconut shells or olive pits, to extreme temperatures, leading to the form of a porous product. 

How does Activated Charcoal work?

Our skin contains millions of tiny pores on the skin. The activated Charcoal in Mamaearth Charcoal Facewash cleanses these pores of toxins, dirt, and impurities. It has the mechanism of adsorption and a negative electric charge that causes positive-charged toxins to bond to it. 

This process prevents harmful elements from entering the bloodstream. You may not know that the human body cannot absorb Charcoal, so that it will get eliminated by the body and all the toxins and impurities. Also, if you are a parent and want to give your kid the best natural oral hygiene, you should use the toxin-free kids toothpaste for your baby’s healthy gums. 

Why Use Activated Charcoal for Skin Care?

  • Calms Acne-Prone Skin: Activated Charcoal has powerful properties that help draw out toxins from any surface. A face wash made of activated Charcoal thus helps remove impurities and germs from skin pores. Washing your face with activated Charcoal also reduces inflammation and redness.
  • Removes Excess Oil:  A gentle charcoal face wash can cleanse the pores by absorbing excess oils. Once these irritants are driven out, it helps the skin cells breathe freely. One may also expect this face wash to help the user have glowing and radiant skin with regular use. 
  1. Removes Blackheads: Aren’t blackheads irritating? Blackheads are the pores that have been clogged along with build-up from dirt, products, or excess natural oil that our bodies produce. 


They take away the skin complexion, leaving the face dull & dry. Charcoal-based face washes help clean the build-up easily. Also, it works as a preventive substance that stops the growth of blackheads on the skin.

    1. Exfoliates the Skin: Who does not love the feeling of getting relieved of the burden? The same is with our skin. When exfoliating the face with face scrub and activated charcoal facewash by Mamaearth helps in the deep cleansing process. Instead of stripping the skin with harsh chemicals, it gently removes impurities and provides nutrition to the skin. 
  • Provides Tighter and Firmer Skin: Apart from removing impurities from the skin, charcoal-based face wash helps restore the skin’s elasticity, which tightens and firms the loose skin. Also, it prevents your skin from premature aging. 

7 Face-Washing Mistakes Most People Make 

  1. Using the Wrong Cleanser:  You should use a cleanser formulated for your skin type. This fact holds for oily-acne-prone skin, dry skin, combination skin, or sensitive one. Do proper research for the best product that suits you. 
  2. Using hot water to wash your face: Avoid washing your face with hot water as it can strip off the natural oils, cause inflammation, and burden the already burdened skin as our facial skin goes through a lot during the day. 
  3. Not Removing the Makeup First: You may think that face wash can remove your full face of makeup. But it is not like that. A cleanser can never serve as a full makeup remover. Therefore, it is crucial to remove all the traces of makeup by washing your face before washing it with charcoal face wash.
  4. Washing Your Face in the Shower:   Washing your face after the shower is the best way to ensure that your face is clean and does not contain any impurities. The traces of hair care products or dirt that may have run onto your face are cleansed away. 
  5. Depending on facial wipes: You should not rinse your face with a facial wipe as a routine. Surely, you can use wipes when you are not in the condition to wash your face and want some cooling effect on your face. Using them post-workout. They will not detoxify your pores and help you get rid of dirt as a charcoal facewash would do.
  6. Over-Exfoliating Your Skin: Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells away from the surface of your skin. It would be best not to overdo it as it may strip away natural oils from the skin. Everyone has a different type of skin. Doing it once or twice a week will give the best results.
  7. Not Providing the Required Hydration: Providing the required lock-in moisturization post-cleansing with the best charcoal facewash is equally important as it helps brighten the skin, makes the skin soft, and provides several healthy ingredients to the skin. 

Moisturization should be applied to the damp skin. This product can absorb toxins and impurities. If you have oily skin and suffer from acne, the Mamaearth Charcoal Facewash should work well.

Choosing The Best and Safe Products for Your Loved Ones

We love to see our baby smile. And, to protect that smile, you need to opt for the best quality kids toothpaste. With Aloe Barbadensis, Xylitol, and Stevia’s power, Mamaearth toothpaste helps promote healthy teeth & gums and cleanses the teeth by reducing plaque formation and combating tooth decay. 

Wrapping It Up

Activated Charcoal is an ingredient that may look suspicious to many but does wonders to your skin if incorporated into your skincare routine. It is a life-saving ingredient if you have oily, acne-prone skin. 

We recommend using Charcoal Facewash and the kids toothpaste from Mamaearth. We recommend purchasing from a brand that makes toxin-free and safe products free from harmful chemicals. Mamaearth is a plastic positive brand as the brand believes in sustainability. It also plants a tree for every order that it accepts from its website, and it has already planted over 300,000 saplings so far!

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