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Challenges of a responsive web design?

What could go wrong with a web design you would ask? After all, it is all about the shape’s placement, the right texts to back it up, and a fine color blend just for detailing. Perhaps you are right, and maybe you are wrong as well, but this explains the main difference between six and half a dozen, where the answers both appear correct, but one is better used in a case study than the other.

In being a skilled, or better yet an exceptional web design professional, certain things differentiate you from other web design companies out there, and this exemplary unique pointer cuts one out from the troop of competitiveness and heralds a chain of referrals if you do it so well. A good example of a web design company in this category would be The Watchtower – Web Design Company Dubai, an outfit intended for bespoke IT solutions that cater to your web designs, web development, programming, domain authority, and SEO-related services than possible names in Dubai. The Watchtower – Web Design Agency Dubai renders services effortlessly and exceptionally, I assure you.

Let me get you started on today’s article real quick, as you all know, chances are higher that you are reading this from a mobile device than a Personal Computer [PC], which attests to the evolving tide in which technology continually waves at us. If you can recall, you must have attempted viewing a web page at some point after the advent of the smartphones and you observe the images are missing and the texts are skewed. You must have had trouble reading through the web page, and certainly more trouble assured when second-guessing if you are on the right page, and if you are doing the right thing. [Been there a couple of times] this can only be explained by something called responsiveness in web design.

In today’s read, I will be sharing with you what responsiveness means in web design, we will also see the challenges of web design, and how web design companies in Dubai go about the challenges of a responsive web design in 2022.

Web Design Company Dubai

What is a responsive web design?

According to Wikipedia, a Responsive web design, which is also known as responsive design, is a type of online design that tries to assure usability and satisfaction by rendering web pages well across several devices and window or screen sizes ranging from small to large as the case may be.

Responsive design is a careful and proactive thought considered by the web designer or a Web Design Company Dubai to ensure that a concluded web design program can run effectively with all features at optimum on any smart device of choice without losing the original interface as created by the programmer. A program or design is only said to be responsive if it can maintain its original design by the programmer on any smart device that the domain is launched.

A responsive design accommodates using techniques like fluid proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries, to adapt the web page layout for the viewing environment.

What are the 3 basic things required for responsive web design?

While considering building a web program, three main principles drive a responsive web design. While this does not elude the fact that other responsive web design principles may come into play, however, these are the three that bind all responsive sites. They are:

  1. Fluid Grid.

When CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] is used to construct flexible grids, the columns automatically resize to meet the size of the screen or browser window, whether the user is using a 21-inch PC, or a 13-inch laptop, a 9.7-inch tablet, or a 5.5-inch smartphone.

Fluid layouts provide our consumers and their surfing habits with complete control over our designs.

Designers can use this technique to keep a consistent look and experience across numerous devices. This phenomenon also saves time and money for everyone by allowing designers to update one version of the website rather than multiple versions.

  1. Fluid image use.

First of all, images that are scaled to view their containers are regarded as Fluid images. Now that we have that cleared, it is pertinent that the browser in use is warned that the picture must be a maximum of 100% of its pixel value and scale according to the size of its container when using a fluid image. The rationale behind this act is that it stops a picture from being stretched as the container becomes larger than the image, preventing the object from degrading, and ensuring that it will shrink to fit the container when needed.

  1. Media Queries.

This allows us to adapt to all device classes in a media query and analyze the physical properties of the device performing our work.

In this regard, Media queries enable developers to employ condition checks to alter site designs based on the user’s device’s properties. This step is superior to specifying breakpoints in HTML/CSS since it provides a more personalized experience for each user.

Is responsive web design good?

If you get nothing from this entire read, you must note that responsive web design is good and intended to make accessing the web pages seamless. A responsive web design can improve the overall user experience, which results in more web traffic and leads to a web domain authority. One way to optimize the user experience of your website is by responsive web design, which makes sure the interface of your website adjusts itself to any device or screen.

Why do we need responsive web design?

When questions are asked as to why we need a responsive web design, our answer would always be that web designs are considered a method of building a website that automatically adapts its information and elements to fit the screen size on which it is being viewed. A responsive web design on the other hand prohibits images from being larger than the screen width, making it easier for users on mobile devices of any kind to view content without distortion.

What are the challenges of a responsive web design?

As time passed and innovation got the better hand of us, programmers likewise Web Design Company Dubai sought unique ways to enable web designs to be accessed on every possible smart device. This was not an easy feat and therefore came with its unique challenges. Some of the challenges of a responsive web design are therefore considered below.

  1. Content challenges.

Responsive web designs resize themselves according to the screen of the devices used, which means more work for the programmer since there is a need to design for all screens, including the technical and aesthetical aspects of the website. The web design company would also keep in mind the look of the content on the website.

This careful design makes the job easier as the designer does not need to update the content separately on every platform.

  1. Fluid Images.

On responsive websites, images and sizing are a big challenge. Ideally, web designs with images are scaled-down, but in the end, they lose their details which results in a poor resolution. To avoid this, the designer crops the image so that only the most vital parts of the image are viewable. Web designers save time by combining two techniques, first, cropping the image and second, using scripts that automatically resize the image.

A fluid layout is made possible with jQuery and CSS media queries. The web designer first codes the website and then adds design and content. This action is usually after the web designer has sampled the web content for various screen sizes before coding the web design for the domain, else, it will create a layout that may ruin a User Experience [UX]

A web designer needs to develop a fluid layout. This development involves selecting the part that needs to be visible on smaller screens. The web designer evaluates the web content and decides how the website will work on every screen size to meet its business objectives.

This process is more time-consuming when the designer or web design company has to convert an existing site into a responsive one.

In summary, the responsive web design comes with a brilliant intent to serve every smart device the opportunity of accessing the internet from the comfort of your space without losing any bit of information or distortion, however, great things come with a great task, as challenges of a responsive web design come with its bits such as navigation, the fluidity of images, and the content challenges. All these challenges attributed to web designs can be better resolved with the use of a Web Design Company Dubai.

I hope you learned a thing or two from here? For more information regarding web design, web design companies in Dubai, SEO analytics, Mobile app development, and web design agency in Dubai and the UAE, you can trust the good hands of The Watchtower, an award-winning company that can cater to all your IT solutions.

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