Boost Your Organic Traffic With These 6 Backlinking Strategies

Backlinks are the driving force behind SEO. If you want to rank higher on Google, then you need backlinks from other websites. SEO agencies use a variety of strategies to generate links for their clients and increase organic traffic. 

In this article, we will explore 6 SEO agency-approved link building techniques that can be used by anyone looking to boost their site’s search engine rankings.

1. Guest Blogging

Look for blogs in the same niche as yours, which don’t have many posts yet or new sites that are looking for quality articles written by experts. Post a great piece of content on their blog (or get them to post it if they aren’t familiar with guest posting). Any SEO agency in Australia could attest to the effectiveness of guest blogging.

Once they have a new post, ask the blog owner if you can include one of your links in it for your site and hopefully offer to do another guest post after that. Even better, get them to add an author’s bio with a link back to their website, which will help you both out.

If this is too much work or doesn’t fit into your schedule, then there are various free stock photography sites where people upload pictures every day looking for others who want to use them on their own blogs/websites (with credit). 

You simply need to find great-looking photos and write about them on your blog. Give the photographer credit at the end of the article, linking back to them. You can then send the photographer a quick email letting them know that you have featured their photo and would love to include one of your own links in it.

2. Link Roundups

A great way to get backlinks from authority sites is by creating link roundups. This means that you find the top articles/tweets/videos of your niche and put them into one post, linking each source underneath it with a short description as to why it was included in the roundup.

The key here is not only to bring value but also to include at least one link out from within your own content (the best place being on your homepage). You can use social media or tools like Buzzsumo, which shows you who has shared what so you know where there’s a big audience for certain pieces of content. 

3. Directories

There are many directories out there, which vary in terms of their popularity and also the number of links they allow you to add. You can start with a submission site where you simply need to list your website name, description and one backlink (you can put up to three more if it’s got a good page rank). 

Then, move onto smaller niche directories or even local-based ones. These might not get you an insane amount of traffic, but every link counts!

4. Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to get your content seen by other people and it’s really just a case of finding the right places. You go to sites like HARO, which is an amazing place where you can connect with journalists, bloggers and even TV show producers looking for stories. If there’s something going on in your industry, then this could be perfect! 

You’ll need to sign up for an account. Once done, you should have hundreds of opportunities flying straight into your inbox every day. The thing with press release sites, though, is that not all work equally well. Some will give SEO benefits but others will not, so just keep going! 

As with any backlinking strategy, however, you need to remember not only how valuable this could be for user experience but also for your SEO campaign. Be sure not to spam out dozens of links within every press release just because they’re easy targets. You still have to write good-quality articles to see results quickly.

5. Forums

There are some fantastic places on the web for people to discuss all sorts of things, and forums can be a place where you get free traffic. Of course, make sure that your posts provide enough value. Otherwise, people will simply ignore what you say, leaving you with nothing in return.

If done correctly, they can work wonders. You’ll get your content seen by hundreds or even thousands of potential customers who would have otherwise never known about the amazing stuff going on at your website. Look out for niche-relevant boards that allow links, but also check their guidelines for when you can use your signature—some will ban them outright!

6. Social Media

This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people are using social media ineffectively. The key to success is knowing what works for each platform. Remember that it’s not about the number of followers or friends you have. Instead, it’s all about social media engagement

You need to find out where your audience hangs out, then go there and join in. Share their content, ask questions, start conversations—anything that will get others involved. If they like what they see (and if you provide real value), then chances are they’ll head back over to your profile at some point, which can also give a great boost when it comes to rankings.

Have you tried any of these backlinking strategies? If not, let us know what strategy interests you the most and we’ll help you get started!

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