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What are the best wifi calling apps with the cheapest international calling rates?

In this article, we will look at the top best wifi calling apps and emphasize how they measure up against one another.  “Hello, Mom!”, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday”. “Hello, sweetheart, Thanks”. Mom? Hello? Oh no, I’m out of money shit”.

Have you ever been in a position where you trying to connect with family and friends but are unfortunately unable to do so due to bad call quality, high call costs, or continual recharging? Are you looking for affordable wifi calling apps for Android, and iOS? Are you unsure which app to use and why? Well, no need to worry we have gathered some best wifi calling apps for your easiness.

1. It’s a win for everyone

Wifi calling is an outstanding technology that is gradually gaining popularity. In the early 2000s, the very first wifi call was made and only a few devices supported them. They required a special kind of hardware and were mostly used by those who were traveling or needed to make calls in locations where cellular connections were unable to reach out. Today, the number of best wifi calling apps have been increased so tremendously that we get lost on which app to pick.

2 . The best wifi calling apps of 2022

The following three cheap wifi calling apps have established their supremacy in the business, with over 100,000 to over a billion users globally. The affordable wifi calling apps for Android and iOS features more customization options and allow for more user interaction. Several apps mentioned below on the list are free and don’t require wifi. Overall, we leave the decision of which option is better for your need.

2.1. Slickcall

Wifi calling apps are a convenient way to communicate with family and friends. They are an excellent choice and the easiest way to save money on international calls. No need to stress about whether you have enough data or credit to make a call! You can use Slickcall to make affordable international calls from anywhere in the globe as long as you want.  Check out some amazing features of Slickcall;

Download Slickcall App

2.2. Affordable calling plans

When looking for wifi calling apps affordability is an important concern for a caller. Slickcall is an international calling app where you can find affordable calling plans.

2.3. High-quality calls with clear sound

Slickcall is one of the best wifi calling apps because it delivers crystal clear
voice quality and a reliable network.

2.1.1. Secure calls

Slickcall takes care of your calls and transfers them safely and carefully to your loved ones. All the calls are encrypted end to end.  Download the Slickcall app NOW!

2.1.2. Get a $2 free calling credit on signup.

On initial signup, Slickcall gives a FREE 2$ credit!

2.1.3. Get a $5 referral bonus

Invite friends and Slickcall will give you a free $5 calling credit.

3. Keku

Keku is a calling app that ranks among the best wifi calling apps and is available worldwide. It provides a simple, dependable, and low-cost way for individuals all over the world to call a landline or mobile number. Keku allows you to dial a local number from a landline or mobile phone, and KeKu will instantly connect the call to an international number.

4. Wechat

Wechat comes under the category of best wifi calling apps that lets you connect with your friends and family abroad. You can make calls, read newspapers, and much more. However, this app has several flaws that could compromise your privacy. The most significant issue is that calls made using Wechat are not encrypted. This means hackers and third parties who want to listen in on your chat can simply intercept your calls.

5. Conclusion

Best wifi calling apps are becoming the most favorite and popular choice for people who need to make calls from their mobile phones when they don’t have access to cellular connectivity. You can make affordable international calls to any country without having to pay for an expensive data plan. According to our research and the above-mentioned discussion, Slickcall is the best wifi calling app for android and iOS. Download the Slickcall app and enjoy high quality international calls.


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