Top 4 Traits Making Managed VPS Host Better Than Unmanaged

Having a website is very common these days. From freelancers to startups, SMEs and large-scale businesses, everybody enjoys the benefits of today’s digital world. A website that doesn’t rank well in the search engine often results in lesser traffic, lower conversion rates and lower profits. Good website speed is not a cheap commodity. Most hosting companies don’t offer a good solution for website speed, nor will they prioritize the needs of your website. Thus, one must be very careful while selecting the best hosting plan.

Whether you should go with shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated, choose a plan that suits best with your needs. That you want to go with the best VPS hosting in India. The next task is to decide which one you should select between a managed or unmanaged VPS host. Several factors may affect the performance and speed of a business website. It includes the server’s power, internet connection, hosting provider, among other things.

An inefficient hosting service can result in the deterioration of your website performance. You need to know that choosing an inferior web hosting service can waste money and time, and at the same time, it can adversely affect your business in a big way. Thus, it’s important to select the best plan. If you’re confused between managed VPS host and unmanaged, continue reading the post to understand better.

  1. Improved Security to Keep Your Data Safe

Security is an essential aspect of your business. If your VPS server’s security configurations are weak, you may lose your data anytime. So, when you choose to go with a managed VPS server, you’ll get all the necessary tools and technical expertise to ensure heightened security. With a dedicated VPS server that is scalable and offers improved security features, it’s easy to keep your data safe from attacks.

A managed VPS hosting service provider will update your OS and packages and configure the firewall rules. In unmanaged VPS hosting, you’ll get the permissions to customize the server, but you have to manage everything on the server by yourself. From OS updates to server monitoring and identifying malicious attacks, you’ll be responsible for managing the entire server infrastructure. Having your website hosted on a managed VPS server allows you to save money and access control over your server. This way, you know that your data is always fully secure.

2.      Focus More on Your Core Business

With managed VPS hosting, you do not have to focus on the technical issues as the managed VPS host will take care of everything for you, which is excellent if you have limited IT skills. It’s why going with a managed VPS hosting plan over an unmanaged one is beneficial in the long run. Unexpected downtime of the server may lead to loss of reputation and income.

Choosing a highly-checked and reliable Virtual Private Server service provider committed to delivering consistently good performance is more critical than ‘saving’ a few bucks up front. A better solution would be to look into managed VPS hosting solutions beyond just offering uptime and quick support. Getting reliable services will let focus on core business instead of concentrating on hosting technicalities and server management.

3.      Enhanced Website Performance & Speed

When site speed is slow, users tend to lose interest, and they may even leave your site or abandon your shopping cart. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for customers to return to your site. And those that do back are those who won’t buy anything from you.

VPS hosting allows a website’s database and files to run on a server independent of the other websites hosted by the same service provider. It eradicates the conflicting situation of having all the websites on the same server handling requests for each other. A virtual private server can provide each website with a separate processor, thus creating an environment best suited for significantly enhanced performance.

Compared to unmanaged VPS hosting, a managed VPS host gives you the ability to control each of its resources so your website can load faster. Slow loading times mean more bounce rates, higher abandonment rates, more complaints from visitors, lower page views per visitor, and lower conversion rates per visitor. If you don’t want your website to experience these challenges, consider managed VPS hosting to give your visitors the flexibility to access your site.

4.      Access to a Dedicated Team for Instant Support

Setting up a website for the first time is an intimidating experience. Learning the ropes of how to set up hosting, install your plug-ins, and link it to your domain name can make you dread staring at this empty screen. You might have several doubts about the server management and hosting plan that you’ve selected. With a managed VPS host, you do not need to worry whether your server is working or not. You’ll get a dedicated team that will take care of everything on your behalf. All these services are accessible at a high cost, and it’s why most business professionals think of getting unmanaged VPS hosting.

If you choose to go with an unmanaged VPS host, you’ll get a dedicated team, but the prime responsibility to manage everything on the server infrastructure lies within you the latest cryptocurrency articles.

Building a blog or even a website is the first step towards content promotion on the Internet today. Every new website owner has to learn on their own how to install updates on the server easily. Although most of the updates are easy to install, some are complicated for non-tech-savvy people. Even if you had a great hosting option like VPS Hosting, it might seem useless if there is no transparency about what you will get.


We hope that now you completely understand which one will be the ideal choice for you between managed VPS host and unmanaged. Picking a managed service provider, you’ll have ample opportunities to focus on conferring excellent services to your customers instead of worrying about the back-end infrastructure. Thanks to managed hosting services, you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of your VPS hosting services anymore. Do you want your business to enjoy the benefits mentioned above? Go with a reliable host to get the best VPS hosting in India, like Go4hosting. Contact the experts at 1-888-288-3570 to know more about cloud servers and how they can benefit your business.

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