Best Tips to Improve Performance of Android Application In 2022

One of the most crucial aspects of mobile application is- Performance. The primary thing users will notice frequently is the start up time of your application. And they are about to give a thumbs down to the application if its performance is slow. Many users uninstall their app if they find poor performance. Therefore, it’s very important to put a severe focus on performant and try to keep it improved. Hire Dedicated Android App Developers India to make an effective app with high performance. 

Here I am providing you with some points to consider that will help you boost the speed and performance of your application. If you are a developer, you can recommend this to your app users to improve the performance of their app.


  1. Clear Application Cache

Clearing the data of cache sometimes helps make applications run faster and more efficiently. It deletes the previous data that’s no longer required until you open a similar application next time. Cleaning the cache isn’t a lasting solution since it stacks up again. However, it does provide an extra improvement to your application and device. This approach is accommodating in the case of big applications like Instagram and Facebook, which store a lot of images as well as other data on your phone.


  1. Delete Unwanted Applications

The Play Store is the residence for heaps of Android apps, many of them are free of cost. Therefore, it’s only fair that anybody would like to try them out until they realize that it doesn’t contain the features you were actually expecting. In this way, you ditch it by ignoring it but not uninstalling it in your Applications list.

And from the point of view of any non-techies, if you are not utilizing an application, the android app is not running; in fact, it’s possibly running in the background as well as taking some system resources that can be used for the app you desire to run efficiently. So, it is recommended to delete all unwanted and useless apps from your phone to speed up the performance of your application as well as your phone.

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  1. Clean The RAM

Android possess exceptional task management skills. It can stop uninvited processes by itself whenever needed. But this very old trick may grant your applications an extra lift if it is running out of RAM.

Users of EasyPeopleSearch have the option of conducting as many searches as they desire. Peoplefinders opt out,This means you can use the search number indefinitely until you get all of the information you need.

Nearly every launcher comprises the option to free up some system memory. In case, it’s not there, you must think of installing some memory cleaning application. But, keep in mind that some cleaning applications “claim” to make your mobile quicker by cleaning RAM, but they utilize a lot of RAM that which raises the problem.

Cleaning the RAM of the mobile can give you a quick performance improvement as it closes different unwanted applications capturing the valuable memory of the smartphone device.


  1. Update Your Phone

Many significant Android updates arrive with some effective features and performance improvements. Therefore, upgrading your device, if the developer is all set to release one, can make wonders and boost the performance of your smartphone device. Instead, you can also prefer Custom ROMs for your smartphone device.


  1. Prefer Lite Versions Of Applications

A lot of popular apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Spotify, and Opera, contain their ‘lite’ versions. Such lightweight applications are generally designed for entry-level mobile phones that have unexceptional specifications.

Utilizing lite versions of applications can boost your Android device performance by a substantial margin. Not just that, but they also diminish your data bills through effective image compression algorithms.


  1. Use the Fingerprint Sensor of Your Device

Many Android devices these days comprise a fingerprint sensor. Now, employing the same won’t give any performance improvement or decline in your gadget. Therefore, you must be using them in place of pins & patterns. On average, these quick fingerprint sensors can unlock your device in about 0.5 seconds, but the time needed to unlock your smartphone for pins and patterns could take between 5 to 8 seconds.


  1. Utilize Cloud Storage

Cloud is the future of applications and data storage. It not just makes our data reachable all over the devices but frees up substantial internal storage on the smartphone device, which can be utilized by other applications on your android device. Keep in mind that internal storage plays a significant role in the performance of your android device. The performance blockage also takes place if you stock up your smartphone’s UFS flash storage or eMMC to more than 70%.


  1. Clear the Home Screen

Let me take you to an example. The fewer potato chips you put inside your mouth, the simpler it gets to eat them & vice versa. The similar matches with your home screen. If you maintain your Android phone’s home screen clean, you are eventually pushing lesser colours to the SoC which decreases the time needed to render a portion of your home screen. Hence helping your device to become faster.


  1. Speed up the Android by Developer Options

This checkpoint probably requires no explanation. The competence to change the window, as well as transition animations, are there in Android from the beginning, & it can knowingly impact the snappiness and speed of your Android phone.

You are recommended to enable Developer Options over Android by reaching the “About” section & then clicking over the build number 5 times repeatedly. Then, you will view Options of Developer in the Settings. You can set the Window animation scale, set the Transition animation scale, can disable animations on the device, and the Animator duration scale.

This modification condenses the time wasted on rendering different visual effects over the screen when you use it, getting it to work efficiently in some sense. Mover ahead if you are okay with your device looks to be running very old software when it is not.

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  1. Reset Your Device

If you have tried all the points mentioned above and none of the above approaches made your device quicker, we are concerned that the only choice left is to reset your mobile. You can think of it if your mobile has been delayed to the level that it cannot perform basic things.

If you want to do a factory reset on your device, choose the device Settings and then tap over the factory reset tab existing there. This would carry out a soft reset for your device, which includes resetting device settings as well as wiping all the data such as your photos, apps, videos, cache, etc.

So, these were several crucial Android tips & tricks that should be helpful for your device with the hope that they will improve the performance of your android app.

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