Best King Crab legs

Using these principles will help you get better value out of an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and have a better culinary experience of enjoying food.

Principle #1 – Check Out the Spread Before You Dive In

Look over the buffet tables before you get in line pick up a plate. You may wish to go for the salad first. If you have checked out the tables you will know which table to visit next.

Principle #2 – Focus on the Good Stuff

Buffets prices are the same whether you eat only bread or enjoy the fillet mignon, lobster, and crab legs. You need to pay special attention to these items. They tend to go fast. Restaurants take their time replenishing these items expecting you to fill up on some of the less expensive items.

Principle #3 – Go for the Crab Legs

The cheaper establishments will serve imitation crab meat. The better restaurants will serve snow crabs and the best buffets will serve king crab legs. King crabs go for $5 per pound and snow crabs for $2 per pound wholesale off the crabbing boats. Retail they go for $27 per pound and $12 per pound respectively. King crabs are easier to shell and contain more meat per leg. However they have a prickly shell casing. The snow crabs have a smooth harder casing that is more difficult to open.

Principle #4 – Go Easy on the Carbs

Potatoes, pasta, and rice take up precious space in your stomach. So go easy on the carbohydrates and have some more seafood.

Principle #5 – Start with Small Servings

Begin with small servings so you have room on your plate and in your stomach to try everything. You can always get more of something you like in the next round. Don’t overfill the plate, you can finish the sampling on the next plate.

Principle #6 – Be Adventurous Try the Mystery Patties

Try a breaded patty. You will never know what you are getting or missing until you bite into one. If it does happen to be a bitter vegetable the breeding process will moderate the taste. If you are lucky they may give you a clue to what the mystery patty is by locating it in the vegetable, meat, or dessert tables.

Principle #7 – Branch Out with Different Vegetables

Try some of the garden variety vegetables you normally would not eat especially if it is an oriental food buffet. Oriental cooking can do wonders on bitter-tasting vegetables. I have had some good tasting tree leaves and grain hulls. Oriental cooks are quite thrifty in using the whole vegetable.

Principle #8 – Scarf Down Food Quickly When Limited on Time

You can scarf down a few plates of food quickly when you have a limited amount of time or a dinner partner that just is not into it and wishes to leave early. You can eat more food this way because it takes a while for your stomach to realize it is full. On the other hand you may be paying for it later with stomach aches.

Principle #9 – Eat Slowly and Enjoy the Experience

The other approach is to take your time. Your first bites will be settled in your stomach by the time you get to the third and fourth plate. You have more time to chew your food carefully.

Principle #10 – All-You-Can Buffet’s Revenge

Your stomach will remind you why you do not do this often. A big meal will tend to make you groggy. Find a place to lay down on your back and massage your stomach muscles. Make sure you prop your head up so the stomach juices flow the proper direction.

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