The 10 Best Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone to download in 2021

Staying fit is essential for everyone. Health is always wealth and a person can pull out the best of himself only when he would stay perfectly fit and take care of his routine. From diet to the workout, an individual has to manage a lot of components altogether to maintain his fitness. 

Due to the coronavirus, we all have been quarantined at our homes and have practiced remote working. This has made our schedules pretty hectic and we are unable to gear up with the fitness routine. A lot of us have gone couch potatoes during the work from home mode. 

Still, in this world full of digital gadgets, if you cannot hit the gym physically then you can get it right at your home, you might be wondering how? 

Well, here we go with a detailed and comprehensive guide of creating your own gym, fitness club, and workout routine right at your home! 


The pandemic of coronavirus kept us captivated at our homes and all we did was just doing remote work and munching the snacks., results were closely followed with a huge weight gain and belly fat due to constant sitting. 

You might be planning to hit the gym this year for sure but concerned as well because pandemic is still looming large over our heads. 

Isn’t that so?

You are not alone in this journey, a lot of us are facing the weight gain issues and we are already stuck in the unhealthy diet routine.Many thanks to the technology, digital gadgets that we carry in our hands are now enough to help us in creating good own gym at our own home. 

Your workout has now become very easy, simple, affordable, comfortable, and even customized as well! Do it at your home with the help of your smartphone and say a good bye to the unsafe gyms right now! Having a customized gym and workout routine at your home can be more efficient for a life-time. 


If you are going to utilize the best applications for your workout hours, you will definitely find your smartphone as the most essential piece of exercise and a healthier lifestyle would become way so easy to follow. 

This is the high time to download the right applications for your fitness purpose and following them can help you to achieve a better shape right by being at your home. Professional writers from cheap reliable essay writing service recommended to follow the workout routine during the pandemic to avoid the severe health issues. 

Below I have penned down 10 best fitness apps that you need to have in your smartphone. I have broken them down respectively in 5 android and 5 iPhone applications. Let’s get down into the study to get to know more about the figure shaping and healthy lifestyle applications. 

5 Best android apps:

Google Fit:

Available for absolutely free, Google fit is known for being extremely serviceable. As it is a free app so it might not be working like a pro but it would do a lot of the things. You can track your fitness using active minutes. Also, this is app is infused with other variety of apps and customized tops for fitness goals. If you want a free app then go for it! 

Runtastic by adidas:

Runtastic is one of the most wonderful fitness apps that would run on your android phone. The application is powered with some excellent features including water intake, HIIT workout planner, and other healthy food recipes. Pushups, cycling, and pullups are also infused in the application. 


Another popular application for the android users for fitness purpose is MyFitnessPal. This app can even bill itself as a calorie counter app. You can search for diet food in the app as well. Also, this app would track your exercise, and would help you to keep a track of your performance. However, it is a little expensive i.e. $9.99 per month. 

Leap Fitness workout:

Leap fitness is basically a developer on Google play with some workout apps. They have a range of applications with a variety of exercise routines and progress tracking. You won’t have to get the equipment and you can follow workout for belly fat, buttocks, and arms. 


If you want a fitness tracker and an exercise planner, you can go with the SworkIt application for your android smartphone. This application is featured with so many workouts for your tough fat areas to reduce. Following their workout can help you to maintain health. 

5 Best iPhone apps:

Pear personal fitness coach:

Skilled writers from assignment writing service agreed with the idea that pear personal fitness coach is the best choice to make for your eyes-free and hands-free audio coaching. You can check so many packages for your workout and can choose any out of them. 

Workout trainer:

If you are a newbie to the fitness routine then choosing workout trainer for your apple phone can be the best decision. This application comes up with the features of generating healthy exercises and workout plans along with the personalized fitness goals. 


Make your home workout the best part of the day with iPhone application named Seven. What you need to do is to take 7 minutes from a single day for seven months to track your performance while following all the health care routine and workout.


Go with the application of JEFIT if you want to get strength training and bodybuilding. There are a lot of exercises available on JEFIT to help you with a complete workout routine and a diet plan as well. This app will also track your progress. 


With the help of Freeletics, you are provided with the hundreds of workout routines that would cover a variety of muscle group and fitness level. Audio and video guides are also provided with a step by step guide in this application. 


The above-mentioned applications are the top picks for the android and iPhone users respectively. Check them out on your play store and apple store to download them for your healthy workout lifestyle and maintenance of the body. 

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