How To Choose The Best Attendance Management System For Your Organization?

Employees are considered integral parts of any organization. Each employee is assigned certain hours to achieve organization and gain compensation for the services rendered by them. However, each employee is entitled to leaves and compensation. This is to maintain a healthy work-life balance and continue to fulfill personal requirements.

There are certain circumstances that may lead to late log-in time or overtime hours. This is why it becomes necessary to track the number of hours the employee has invested in achieving goals. The applications assist in analyzing the productivity of the entire team.

Let’s take a tour to gain better insight on attendance management software :

Online attendance management system

The online attendance management system has proven to be the easiest and significant way to capture attendance of the employees working from any location around the globe. It empowers the employees to log in and out from their android and IOS devices or laptops. This is an attendance management system mechanism that assists mostly the startup and small scale companies as it takes time to set up a systematic working decorum for the employees working. 


Geofencing has been introduced in the world of work with increasing popularity in the world of work. Geo-fencing by mere definition means a location-based service in an application. Geo-fencing in attendance management software aims to offer feasibility to the employees working in the field. There are employees who have been working in multiple locations assigned to them. Geo-fencing assists the employees to track the employees’ presence on the field. It in a way avoids any installation like any other biometrics. With pandemic biometric has not been a healthy system. Geo-fencing promoted social distance while recording the attendance of the employees. 

Facial recognition

Facial recognition has been a useful alternative to any biometric system of recording attendance. Facial recognition is a revolutionary method that has had a major impact in the new world of work. It is similar to facial recognition systems in any IOS or Android device. There are applications in the market that have opted to introduce facial recognition systems to smoothen the process of recording attendance in the world of work. Facial recognition has benefits such as-

  1. Low-cost attendance management method
  2. Ensure social distance, hygiene.
  3. It does not require the employees to carry any id.
  4. It can be easily configured using mobile and android devices. 


These are a few ways that assist in gaining better insight into attendance management software. However, it is essential for the employer to opt for the best attendance management software that is compatible with the existing applications. 

As integration has been the key aspect to establishing a well-framed working HCM suite. This is why an employer needs to continue with extensive research and ensure that the IT infrastructure to home these applications. The best way to do so is to take demo sessions to ensure the compatibility of the application to ensure smooth functioning. 


There are a few features that need to be considered while opting for the application:

  • Auto Clock in/out time management 
  • Integration with the existing payroll software
  • Leave management facility
  • Easy access to data and insight
  • With easy access to data to analyze data and generate reports on productivity


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These are a few must-have benefits of an application to ensure that these applications serve the cause. If the application is upgraded with features that fail to be compatible with the application it has a customary benefit for smooth functioning.

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