How to Choose the Best Artificial Christmas Tree?

Christmas is a holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus, Christianity’s central figure. The term “Christmas” comes from Middle English and means Christ’s Mass. The Christian day of celebration can be traced to a date between 272 and 336AD, when Pope Julius I chose December 25th to represent the official birthdates of Jesus because it coincided with several pagan festivals. In pagan religions, the winter solstice is when pagans believed for sure that the sun would begin again on its path across the sky, bringing longer days. A great fire was built in honour of this event, which Romans then exchanged gifts to each other in hopes that good fortune would come with the New Year.

In pagan societies, many people thought spirits were dwelling in trees, making them a natural place to decorate and distribute gifts during these winter solstice celebrations. Attaching such ornaments to an evergreen tree was thought to make the tree sacred and magical, ensuring good luck throughout the year.

The modern Christmas tree tradition can be traced back to Germany in the 16th century when Christians would hang evergreens in their homes to celebrate Jesus’s birth in anticipation of the coming spring and summer months.

In 1835, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of England began decorating their home with Christmas trees around their children’s first Christmas, which many members of higher classes quickly followed suit with. It didn’t take long before people set up shopping festivities much like the ones we know today.

What size should I get?

For a home with an 8-foot ceiling, we recommend a 7.5 ft tree, so there will be no need for an additional “tree topper” extension piece, and the top of the tree will be full and fluffy.

How much space do I have?

If you have only 4 feet of space available, you need to buy a 3-foot tree, so it doesn’t look ridiculous being so small in your room. But don’t expect it to look as full as one that is 5+ feet they won’t since they are smaller! With Christmas tree storage ideas you can keep it for future use.

Where Will You Place the Christmas Tree?

If this is going inside your house near the window or patio door area, make sure to buy a tree with lights on the inside of the branches. If it is going in front of a window, you will need an unlit tree so that people can’t see the lights through the glass.

How Often Do You Want to Spend on Your Christmas Decor?

The more realistic trees are very high quality, but they also require more effort (more time spent fluffing/shaping the branches). Some other options look “ok” at first glance. Still, when people inspect them up close, they may be disappointed with how fake it seems (there isn’t enough volume or fluffiness) vs. how full and fluffy it looked in the store display where everything looked perfect (no one is inspecting that tree up close).

How Much Money Are You Willing to Spend on An Artificial Tree?

Higher quality trees will last longer, look more realistic and fuller, the branches won’t sag as quickly (they’re usually thicker). If you go with a company like Balsam Hill that offers superior products and services, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You can expect to pay $1000 or more for a top-of-the-line option, but some high-quality “mid-range” trees are in the $500 range. There are also many options between these price ranges depending on how much time/effort/skill you want to put into your Christmas decorating.

Do You Want Something Easy-To-Assemble, Easy-To-Fluff, And Require Little Maintenance?

If so, look for a tree with wider spaced branches that are already pre-lit. You will save time/effort on fluffing the tree.

Do You Want Something That Requires A Lot of Effort to Set Up, Shape It into A Nice-Looking Tree, And Take More Time to Maintain?

If so, go for a premium quality unlit tree or one where you can add lights yourself since it is cheaper, but you have more control over how your tree looks. Many people also enjoy the challenge of shaping their own unique-looking Christmas tree!

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