Beaches in Samoa You Have To Visit


Samoa is one of the very few destinations that offer pristine and sunny beaches in the world. This place is mostly unpolluted thanks to its far away locations from the most popular regions of the world. While in Samoa, you get to see unrivaled tropical paradise and turquoise seas. Fortunately, it is easy to move around while you are inside Samoa, and the general population is friendly.


On your visit to Samoa, you can be sure you will enjoy endless holiday bliss. But remember that Samoa is a place for the very convinced persons who want an adventure to a place like no other. A place that takes you away from what the modern world mostly looks like.


However, for those who want to know what beaches are available, here are some of the finest beaches in Samoa that you must visit.


1. Lalomanu Beach


This beach is in the southeast direction from Upolu and it’s one of the premier relaxation paradises for anyone who gets there. It boasts of pure white sand that stretches for kilometers and clean seas that are full of marine life. This is a place that offers an amount of natural beauty that is hard to find anywhere else.


2. Tafa Tafa Beach


For someone interested in touring a clean and unpolluted sunny beach, Tafa beach is a must-visit place. In this place, long lines of coconut palms line the waterline and the sand that is under it is among the cleanest that you can find anywhere. You can go there for sunbathing, snorkeling and swimming. Moreover, this place is home to diverse and highly abundant marine life. This is a place where natural souvenirs and incredibly beautiful shells are found.


3. Lefaga Beach


This is another beach that anyone going to Samoa should visit. It features pure white lagoons and giant clams that rest right below the water surface. This is one of the most special places in Samoa, especially for those who like snorkeling and scuba diving.


4. Aganoa Beach


This is a unique beach that is situated on the east coast of Savaii Island. This place is quite beautiful and it’s one of the best escapes for someone or a group of people who want to go surfing and enjoy the best that a seaside can offer. This is where the Pacific Games were held in 2007, and the participants and other people who went there enjoyed the amazing offshore waves, which are awesome for anyone interested in surfing.


5. Manese Beach


This beach is located on the northern side of Savaii and it’s highly popular among new and returning tourists. This region is known for its stunning beaches, golden sand, and water that are crystal clear. The best thing with Manese is that there are various forms of affordable accommodation for anyone who chooses to go there.


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