Asthma Prevention: 5 Lifestyle Modifications That You Need To Know

Every day with increased pollution levels and the change in the environmental factors the number of asthma patients also increases. 

According to the best physicians of Darul-Sehat Hospital Karachi, those who suffer from asthma should keep an eye on the asthma triggers. They should make sure that they are cutting all the unnecessary things that can make this medical condition ten times worse. 

Let us discuss the several lifestyle changes that you can make and that will keep this respiratory disorder in check. But first, we need to list the common and well-known triggers of asthma. 

  1. Air pollution
  2. Dust 
  3. Flu
  4. Excessive exercise 
  5. Sinusitis 
  6. Smoking 
  7. Fragrances

But for every person, asthma triggers change and that is why it is important for people to realize their triggers so that they can apply the remedies accordingly.

Keep track of all the environmental factors that are causing this condition. Note anything and everything that triggers a response in your body and thus next time try to avoid those things at all costs. Sometimes you may not know what is causing the disease that is when your healthcare provider comes into the picture. You should consult with them and they will guide you properly. 

  • Maintain a Distance From Allergens 

When you have asthma you should know that any sort of allergen is your enemy. If you are exposed to allergens for a long period of time then this means that the inflammation time period is increasing. This can double the damage to your airways. Therefore the primary step is to keep a distance from any type of allergen that may trigger a response. 

  • Fibers and Vitamin C Consumption

One of the fastest ways to combat the inflammation and infection of your airways is to eat fruits. Fruits are the best possible source of Vitamin C and E. Both these vitamins can help to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the lungs. 

Apples are rich in fiber content as well as carbohydrates. On the other hand, the consumption of citrus fruits can increase the content of Vitamin C in your body. Patients with asthma have shown significant changes in their diet and that is why eating fruits is highly recommended in people that are fighting off asthma. 

  • Get Rid of Smoking 

Smoking and asthma are a bad duo. They do not go hand in hand and thus they should be kept apart. People who are suffering from asthma should avoid smoke at all costs. Cigarettes smokes are high in nicotine and other cancer-causing agents. 

It is not only the active smoke that is dangerous for you. Passive smoking is also equally fatal. Thus do not allow cigarette smoke in your car, your house, or your workplace. Smoking can always make things worse so get rid of this waste of a habit. 

  • Colds Can Make Matters Worse 

It is important for people to realize the fact colds can make matters a lot worse. That is why you should be extremely careful during seasonal changes. Make sure to keep a distance from people who are already affected. 

Maintain a healthy distance. Avoid eating cold icecreams. They can make you more susceptible to a sore throat. The onset of sore throat can be a clear indication that you are on the edge of getting a cold or flu. 

  • Take Your Prescribed Medicines 

When you consult a doctor regarding your symptoms of asthma they will prescribe you medicines. It is important for you to take those medicines. Long-term medications of asthma are there to combat the onset of asthma or to deal with the after-effects of this disease. From reducing the inflammation to keeping the airways intact the use of such medicines is necessary. 

But you have to keep a simple point in mind and that is that you should always take medications per your doctor’s recommendation. 

The Final Takeaway 

Patients with asthma should not have a fear of living in hiding. They can combat this disease with a handful of strategies. Taking care of your environment and making sure that you are always eating the right thing are just some of the core steps one has to take. 

But remember the bigger the disease the more you should rely on authentic information. 


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