Are Deep Tissue Massages Good For Athletes?

If you’ve ever raced a marathon or watched one on television, you’ve probably observed that many runners get massages during or after the race. Indeed, you may have pondered the advantages of obtaining such immediate therapy for muscular stiffness, cramps, or extended physical activity. Runners can minimize discomfort and enhance flexibility by obtaining immediate treatment like many other athletes. However, a deep tissue massage in Calgary or elsewhere is generally suggested to speed up overall healing time, especially a few days after any strenuous physical activity, since it can target key problem areas before they become significantly bothersome. 

It may help hasten the healing process by improving blood flow and decreasing inflammation. Continue reading and learn more about deep tissue massage, including what to anticipate during a session.

Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage For Athletes

Acupressure, trigger-point manipulation (focusing on all those tiny muscular knots), and “deep, transverse friction,” where scar tissue is dissolved by back and forth movement across muscle, are all employed during a deep tissue massage at a wellness clinic in Calgary or other areas. Deep tissue massages aren’t like other kinds of massages, where you’ll leave feeling calm and smelling like a bouquet of aromatic oils. Because of the nature of this therapy, you will most certainly experience more significant discomfort than usual, but the long-term advantages are undeniable. Here are some reasons why athletes should have a deep tissue massage:

Reduced pain and improved recovery time

Men exercised to exhaustion in one trial and then were given a 10-minute leg massage. Scientists determined that the massage triggered the formation of mitochondria, an energy cell that develops muscle, accelerates recovery time, and reduces pain after analyzing the recorded muscle samples before, during, and after the workout.

Improved agility and flexibility

Because their therapist is actively breaking away all the tension around the muscles, athletes who receive frequent deep tissue massage therapy in NW Calgary and other cities witness an improvement in their range of motion. Intense training or exercise can result in scar tissue formation and the construction of many adhesions. The muscle, fascia, and other tissues clump together, creating stiffness and an increased risk of injury. Your muscle fibers are stretched, and scar tissue is broken down during a deep tissue massage, enhancing flexibility and agility.

Enhanced circulation

Massages are an essential element of any detox. The intensive nature of deep tissue massage increases blood circulation, allowing the muscle to evacuate toxins and absorb fresh blood and oxygen. Muscles become suppler due to oxygenation, and athletes can breathe deeper during exercises or sports. On a psychological level, improved breathing promotes a more relaxed state of mind and aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Improved sleep patterns

Massage therapy in Calgary or elsewhere has been shown in several surveys to improve sleep quality and aid in the maintenance of regular sleeping patterns. Of course, we all know that sleep is an essential element of any athlete’s recovery, but muscular soreness and stress may sometimes block this and cause long-term discomfort. A deep tissue massage can help athletes recover quicker and perform better by reducing stress, inducing relaxation, and allowing them to get more sleep.

Scheduling a deep tissue massage therapy

I recommend scheduling a deep tissue massage session after a workout or run, preferably with an easy exercise or run planned for the next day. You will most likely leave feeling beaten and bruised (don’t worry, it’s for the best). This aids healing and allows you to reap the advantages of more strenuous physical exercise 24 hours later.

If you’ve recently completed a marathon, you should wait at least three to five days before scheduling an appointment since such strenuous activity causes inflammation, and it’s ideal for giving your body time to recover. It’s time to arrange a massage and flush out more damage once you’ve dealt with the most acute symptoms of your post-marathon agony.


Deep tissue massage in Calgary and other cities is ideal for those who engage in high-intensity physical exercises, such as jogging, or have an injury or chronic pain. Consult your doctor before having a deep tissue massage if you have an underlying medical condition.

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