Are All Whiskies Expensive?

Have you ever drunk a glass of whiskey in your entire youthful life? Was it different in terms of taste and smell? Did you enjoy it? If your answer to all these questions is yes, you probably understand why a bottle of whisky is more expensive than other local bears that are known across the globe. The executive nature that comes along with a glass of whisky makes it more expensive and attractive. Therefore, if you have friends in your backyard for a party, you can offer them a glass of whisky after serving them food as you appreciate their prompt visit. 

But are all whiskies expensive? I will encourage you to continue reading the article and get everything you need to know about whisky prices globally.

Let’s explore some of the most expensive whiskies in the world.

Isabella’s Islay

This is purely an executive drink that costs around $ 6,200,000. It is termed one of the most expensive whiskies that money can buy. The price tag is more than 6 million US dollars as it comes with a costly bottle with a decanter. The bottle features at least 8500 diamonds with 300 rubies exclusively made of white gold. If you want to take one of the finest whisky at the epitome of luxury, consider this drink.

The Emerald Isle Collection

This is among the latest beers that was recently sold in February 2021. The bear is an Isle collection that was recently sold with seven pieces that included a 30-year-old whisky enclosed in an expensive bottle made up of gold. The Irish Bradley family created the brand or the collection, and it was sourced using some of the oldest and rarest whiskies that were distilled in Bush mill, Ireland, and Ximenez cask. The art of using some of the oldest and the rarest whiskies makes it among the most expensive whiskies across the globe, as without 2 million USD, owning it might remain a nightmare.

The Macallan 1926

The drink makes the list of top three whiskies without 1.9 million USD, and no one will be willing to let you have the drink. The drink was initially distilled in 1926, and it was sold as cask number 263. Records show that this was the first bottle that featured a hand-painted design by the Irish artist Michael Dillon. The Macallan Fine and Rare collection were dubbed as one of the holy grails of whisky, and it is among the drinks loved by people who prefer drinking expensive beers in their homes.

The Macallan M

This is one of the most affordable whiskies with some executive nature and is loved by the rich. However, you need at least $ 628205 to carry the drink home. But if you enjoy drinking whisky at home, this is the drink to consider as it comes in a 6 liters bottle with a decanter that is handcrafted and designed to carry up to 17 crafters.

Bottom Line

Not all whiskies are expensive. However, if you love executive drinking, a bottle of whiskey from the Emerald or Macallan collection will make you feel the pinch of drinking an executive drink.

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