Amla is a natural polyphenol found in nuts and fruits. It is claimed to have many health benefits, including improving skin quality, anti-aging properties and has been traditionally used as a medicine for heart disease.

The Amla tree has been cultivated in India for thousands of years and there are many traditional Indian medicines made from it. For centuries, Ayurveda practitioners have used the extracts from the tree to treat a wide variety of ailments such as respiratory issues, urinary tract infections and cardiovascular disease. Amla has also been used to cleanse the kidneys and increase energy levels. In other words it does not just have one specific use, but plenty of benefits for human care.

What are the different uses of Amla Powder for hair care?

There are many uses of Amla Powder. It is used as a home remedy to soothe and heal wounds, as a cure for diabetes, and as an anti-inflammatory. It has also been seen to be effective in the treatment of eye problems such as soreness and redness. The powder can also be used as a sunscreen and natural hair conditioner as well.

Amla Powder is a natural beauty product that can be used for both makeup and skin care. It has many benefits such as:

  • It is a natural product and it is hypoallergenic.
  • It has anti-ageing properties.

Moreover, amla powder can help repair your skin due to its antioxidant properties which helps in protecting the skin from free radicals that may cause oxidative stress and damage cells in your body. It is good for all skin types as it does not cause any inflammations or reactions on your skin. It can be mixed with other ingredients to form a paste for face and body and it can also be applied to the hairline to get rid of greasy roots.

It can be used as a natural hair dye, conditioning agent and for setting the hair. Amla powder is a wonderful natural product which can be used to lighten your hair or darken it depending on your preference. It also helps to condition the hair and reduce frizziness and tangles.

Amla powder is a natural product mainly obtained from the fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree. It is known for its antioxidant properties and high nutritional value.

Expert studies suggest that Indus Valley Bio-Organic Amla Fruit Powder is best for its use to pamper your skin and nourish the scalp to rejuvenate their appearance, since it is chemical-free, organic, made in India, and contains amla fruit having over 14% moisture content.

It is an easy way to add amla into their diet and reap all of its health benefits. Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is made by processing the dried amla berries which retain most of their nutritional content, including vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium; making it a perfect addition to many skin care and beauty care recipes.

How To Use Amla Fruit Powder For Hair Care-

  1. Mix 2 tbsp of amla fruit powder with 2 tbsp curd
  2. Add 1 tbsp honey and some warm water to the mixture prepared
  3. Blend everything together to prepare a smooth fine paste
  4. Apply this fine paste over your scalp and hair
  5. Rinse off with normal water after half-an-hour.

How To Use Amla Fruit Powder For Skin Care-

  1. Prepare a smooth paste by blending amla fruit powder, yoghurt and honey with each other in appropriate quantity
  2. Apply the paste evenly on your face, allowing it to stay for 15 minutes
  3. Wash off and pat dry.

How To Use Amla Fruit Powder For Boosting Immunity-

  1. Take 1 tbsp of amla fruit powder and mix it in 1 glass of water
  2. Drink daily once-a-day to improve your immunity.


Indus Valley Amla powder can be taken in many different ways and many people use it for its antioxidant properties. For example, people also mix amla powder with yogurt or water and add it to a breakfast cereal. One can also take it by sprinkling the contents into water or salads. It’s important to note that amla is rich in Vitamin C and thus, that’s how it helps improve your overall immunity.

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