Advantages of Double Hung Windows

Looking to have new windows installed in your home?

With so many window types to choose from, picking one that suits your home’s aesthetics is easy. What you might not know though is that each type of window offers its own set of advantages that might make them a better option than others.

One of the most common types of windows you’ll see often are what’s called as double hung windows. Also referred to as double-sash windows, these are panes that slide up and down instead of moving outwards when being opened. Aside from offering a stylish look, double-hung windows also offers a variety of advantages.

Better Space Management

Traditionally, windows open outwards and it can take up the space from wherever your windows are facing. It might not see much but in a tight area around your home, the space that the panes take up can block people from moving around. It might even hit those who are unaware.

What’s good about double hung windows is that since the panes slide up and down, it doesn’t take in any space. You can maximize your property’s overall space thanks to its neat mechanism.

Superior Ventilation

As compared to other window types, double hung windows offer the most ventilation and better airflow. As the windows open up a pretty large amount of space. If you’re living in an area where the weather condition can become very dry and hot, you can make things better with double-hung windows.

Some window types don’t offer the same amount of ventilation because the panes can block off the air as it passes through. Double hung windows open up and provides a blockage free flow of air into your home. That being said, it will also be easier to let out any odours from burning dishes and even smoke from the kitchen with this type of window.

Energy Efficient

As the windows provide quality airflow, your home can be better ventilated during the summer. You’ll be spending less on bills accrued by your HVAC system as the windows can help cool your home down very easily.

Due to their large frame and built, double-hung windows can also allow sunlight to go through your home properly. No obstructions mean that you can rely on natural lighting during the day instead of using your artificial lights.

Safe Operation

Double-hung windows are safer to operate as compared to other window types. There aren’t a lot of spaces where your fingers can be squeezed in. As the windows slide up and down, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt from the hinges as you would with other windows.

There’s very little margin of error when using double hung windows. It’s a good choice if you have children at home. If you’re worried about them falling out of the window, make sure to lock it if they are unsupervised.

Easy Maintenance

The problem most people have specially with windows that are installed in high-rise properties is that they are hard to maintain can clean. According to Aussie Aluminium, the latest double hung windows come with tilt-out or removable sashes which can make cleaning a lot safer and easier.


That being said, when picking a double hung window, it’s advisable that you go for aluminium as the supporting frame. This type of window material is both cheap and durable. With the right coating, it can also be capable of withstanding various elements that can destroy most windows like sea air and heavy rain.

When cleaning your double hung windows, there are two primary components that you’d want to focus on. First is the window glass itself. Wipe it down with a mixture of mild dishsoap and water so that stains can be removed easily. Use a smooth cloth when wiping to prevent scratches.

You should also consider cleaning the tracks that the panes slide on. This is important because dust build-up and other foreign objects that get stuck on the tracks can prevent the window from sliding up and down properly.


Some people choose their windows solely on style and there’s nothing wrong with that. Double hung windows offer an amazing classic look to your home. Whether you have a modern home or one that’s more on the classical style, double hung windows are a great compliment to them.

Not many windows offer this kind of versatility when it comes to style. It’s also very easy to partner double hung windows with a variety of curtains so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to aesthetics.

Double hung windows are a great option whether you’re going for style of function. It’s one of the best window types out there and you shouldn’t be surprised that a lot of homes are considering this more than anything else. With these advantages, it’s hard to pass up on the offer.


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