A Sneak Peek at the Best Rims of 2022 Designed to Make Your Car Stand Out!

You’ll surely agree that one of the prime reasons why the aftermarket rims market in the United States and across the world is booming is because of their aesthetics. Most major manufacturers (if not all) of wheels for the choosy customer tend to put in a lot of effort in an attempt to make their products look distinctly different from other rivals.

American wheels were once the engines of the growth of the domestic industry as well. As you might know, most of the companies manufacture their products in China since the input costs and industrial supply chains are a lot advanced. This has taken a toll on the rims market in the US since the money flows into the Chinese economy.

That said, there are certain recognizable brands like Niche Wheels which can still boast of the ‘Made in America’ tag. 

But we digress. If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle, regardless of whether it’s a passenger car or a truck, one of the first things you will need is a set of high-grade rims.

Read on for the best wheels available in 2022!

2022’s best aftermarket rims

Most major brands update their range of products each year (sometimes more than once a year) to keep the clientele enthused. This list of 2022’s best rims are a mix of brand-new wheels which have been launched and also some which have received a makeover.

Here we go!

  • Konig Helium Bronze: If you are looking for a set of rims designed to up the oomph factor of your vehicle, this is it. Konig is a German word; it means ‘king.’ And these wheels are some of the most exotic ones available in the United States. The Helium range is one of their best pones, these wheels and are priced to appeal even to clients who may not be in a position to spend a lot on custom wheels.

Like other brands, this is manufactured using 6160-T6 grade aluminum. The Helium Bronze wheels are heavy-duty, 8-spoked wonders that weigh a mere 11.4 pounds. 

We recommend the 15-inch Helium rims for your SUVs in case you want a model capable of tackling both city and off-road conditions. This has a bronze finish which has its own charm. 

  • American Racing Torq Thrust II VN515: Ah, American wheels! There are very few brands which can come close to the brand’s timelessness. The company has been in this business since the ‘60s when muscle cars used to dominate the streets. While American Racing Wheels is no longer an America-based manufacturer, its popular models- like the Torq Thrust family members- are still crown jewels of rims.

This is the model you should choose if you want to give your Porsche or something in its league a facelift. These are polished wheels and the 15-inch variants are some of the most attractive models available. 

While the Torq Thrust II VN515 aftermarket rims are available in sizes between 14 and 20-inch diameters, it has several bolt and lug patterns which ensures that almost everybody can have a set and also a piece of the pie!

These are what’s known as Hot Rod wheels- meaning you can use them to spice up any classic cars if you have them. 

  • Niche Arrow M258: If you are a fan of Niche Wheels, this is probably the one that will live up to the high expectations from such an iconic manufacturer. This is the only 1-piece wheel on this list, and it is here for good reason. The M258 is a new addition to the Arrow family that has earned a lot of goodwill and reputation worldwide.

These rims are available in sizes that start at 17-inches and go all the way up to 24, which essentially means that you will find a fine set regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving. The forged sets are available in a series of black finishes, both glossy and matte.

The 5-spoked minimalist approach is sure to attract eyeballs and they are not too heavy for most wallets either!

Also, Niche has tied up with plenty of 3rd-party retailers across the 50 States. This means you will have a lot more places from where you can choose a set.

  • Editor’s choice: Enkei ENKEI92: This is for the true-blue racing enthusiasts reading this small piece who live to drive. Enkei is a Japanese giant and a pillar of the global aftermarket wheels market. The ENKEI92 is ideal for premium passenger vehicles and is used by people who prefer high-end Hondas and Mazdas.

This year, the model has received a facelift with a gold-rimmed version. It is simply exquisite! Available in several sizes, the 15-inch gold-rimmed has found a sizeable base of clients. 

This is one of the best wheels money can buy in 2022!

Wrapping up

Do remember that purchasing rims becomes a lot easier if you visit an experienced retailer. Else, you can perhaps visit the official websites of the manufacturer and select an appropriate set using the tools provided!

Safe travels!

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