A scented candle that resembles a jar of pickles was made by Vlasic.

My responsibility as a journalist is to identify trends, not to evaluate them. Do I actually require candles that have the scent of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a dive bar, Swedish meatballs, soup, a burger, fries, and shake, cereal, or snatched lemonade? No. In all honesty, I don’t believe I’ve ever lit a scented candle in my life.Bubble candle

But it’s obvious that people are curious about these humorously scented candles. This explains why a variety of companies have entered the scented candle market, including McDonald’s, Miller Lite, Ikea, Campbell’s, Shake Shack, General Mills, and Chipotle. Turning your brand into a candle is a hot concept at a time when bizarre promotions seem to be the most successful promotions.

So, who will be the next to give a candle their unique scent? National Pickle Day is on November 14, so it seems that’s a good enough excuse for the 80-year-old pickle brand Vlasic to enter the competition.

Yes, a 100% wax candle that resembles a real jar of Vlasic Original Dill Wholes and smells exactly like one has been created by a partnership between Vlasic and the candle company Candier. Brand director for Vlasic Brett Castle said, “It was a no-brainer for us. We are overjoyed to have teamed up with Candier by Ryan Porter to create the first candle that resembles a jar of pickles both visually and olfactorily.

And how is a pickle-scented candle made? It turns out that’s fairly challenging. Krysten Kauder, the company’s founder, said, “We saw a great chance to do something very exciting and distinctive with Vlasic. “But there were several significant obstacles in the way. The pickles had to be put in place, and the wax had to be poured, all by hand. It was extremely difficult to make the pickles appear to be floating in clear liquid. Our team was successful after numerous iterations of testing and research.”

Starting on November 14, shopryanporter.com will sell the Vlasic Pickle Candle by Candier for $29 while supplies last.

but this new candle that smells like dill pickles looks just like a jar of pickles.

“In honour of National Pickle Day, we saw a tremendous opportunity to do something really fun and unique with Vlasic. But making a candle that resembles a real jar of pickles and smells like one presented several significant difficulties, according to Krysten Kauder, founder of Candier by Ryan Porter.

The wax pickles were very difficult to make appear to be floating in clear liquid. Therefore, everything had to be done by hand, even pouring the wax and placing the pickles. After many iterations of testing and research, our team perfected the formula and created a 100% wax candle that resembles and smells like a jar of Vlasic pickles. sang candle

In honour of National Pickle Day on November 14, Vlasic and luxury home fragrance and accessory brand Candier by Ryan Porter have collaborated to produce a limited-edition candle that both looks and smells like pickles. Inc. Conagra Brands

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