Mobile phone users will find the Wi-Fi hotspot (download from the play store) widget an excellent device that enhances the sharing between multiple mobiles and gadgets.

An internet hotspot is where you can connect a wireless device to access the internet. The service enables users to gain access to each other’s internet accounts and access from any other device.

With this unique Wi-Fi hotspot approach, anyone can now easily use Hotspots home screen widgets (Icon present in Android). You can even manage the hotspot settings with a few swipes by using mobile devices.

Don’t worry if your phone doesn’t have an internet connection and you need it immediately. This way will help you access the internet with any device with an internet connection within reach.

These apps provide information about the internet connection channel, the signal strength, information about internet access.


Your phone will function as a Wi-Fi hotspot using the Wi-Fi Hotspot Widget app. You can add a hotspot widget to your mobile phone using the Hotspot Widget app.

It facilitates you to share your hotspot and its details and maintain the WiFi hotspot state. There are many valuable features of this app that enable its users to reach the supremacy of its Wi-Fi hotspot. Additionally, you can effortlessly share your mobile phone’s internet connection with another device.


Wi-Fi Connect is a widget that turns the Wi-Fi hotspot with a single touch, opens your Wi-Fi network, and lets you share it with others. Using it, you can find local WiFi hotspot, both free and paid, and check-in for them.


You can easily view the speed, channel, and WiFi hotspot connection settings of WiFi hotspot-Manager platforms. You can also Block WiFi hotspot whenever you want and establish your hotspot with auto-turn off capabilities. The app lets you know exactly who else is using your hotspot, and it keeps your network safe from hacking.


Android users can use Speed Test for a quick, easy, and one-tap connection, as well as real-time accuracy. This application enables real-time graphics, shows WiFi hotspot connection consistency, and discovers upload and download.

In addition to these features, it allows you to confirm troubleshoot the speed your company told you, share your results, and track past tests. There is also a paid version of the app with no ads, and it can be downloaded for less than a dollar.


Wi-Fi Analyzer is an Android application with unique techniques for managing and maintaining your WiFi hotspot connection. It’s a handy and remarkable application that turns your smartphone into a Wi-Fi analyzer.

In addition to presenting the signal strength, it gives details on which access point offers the best possible signal strength for your particular connection.

Hence, you can quickly get the best and the fastest channels to get better performances using this free Wi-Fi analyzer. The basic version of the wifi-analyzer is ad-free and gives maximum opportunities.


Wireless Expert offers its users some extraordinary and enormous features for their convenience. In addition to providing precise information about the wireless environment, it can be used to analyze and troubleshoot your wireless internet connection.

There are various options for information about the network connection, wireless scan information, ping (to check the IP address), and more. It also provides information regarding the status of Connection, Router vendor, Channel information, Internet data rate, lease duration, gateway address, and server address.


Using a few simple swipes, WiFi-Manager enables you to do extraordinary things. A very convenient app for discovering, connecting, and maintaining WiFi hotspot networks. A graphical channel radar accompanies the improved and sharp connection quality.

The app makes it easy to find open networks, provides detailed information about internet connections, allows you to connect to some networks by tapping, and has a toggle. Some of its functions have been improved, and some newer versions of Android are compatible with it.


It delivers some exclusive features for dealing with Wi-Fi connections and related stuff. This is probably the best scanning, connecting, and maintaining software for Wi-Fi networks. You can use this app to display network passwords, connect instantly to Wi-Fi, and fix problems with WiFi hotspot.


Network Signal Info is an intellectual app that reveals concise signal strength for the currently used network. It provides: Detailed mobile network information, Wi-Fi information, Signal and strength indication, Detailed Wi-Fi information, WiFi hotspot signal recording.

Rather than this, the pro version has some more extraordinary features.


A top-ranking app, Fing – Network Tools, allows users to scan networks in an ultra-fast manner and is used by professionals and homies worldwide. With this application, you can discover devices connected to any Wi-Fi network, detect violators, resolve network problems, access network security alerts, and map devices.

Among its impressive features are the provision of some advanced level network and property analysis, LAN scanners, and the inventory of devices and networks.


Here, we bring a fantastic Wi-Fi hotspot widgets app for you. You can choose any Wi-Fi hotspot widget according to your need. Vary from user to user whether you want to select the free or paid version. I hope it will help you.

Are we missing any useful Wi-Fi hotspot apps for Android? Let’s know it will be great happiness for us. Still, if you’ve any questions, drop a comment! Read More

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