9 Fantastic Home Décor Ideas with Red Colored Prints

Interior colors and your feelings go side by side. That’s why they can both make and break the room design. Therefore, it is important to understand the meaning of every color and utilize them in a meaningful way.

Red color brings different emotions into modern interiors. So, choosing the red color can be a bit tricky task. However, red flooring, accent walls, ceilings, or furnishing items have an emotional meaning and are ideal for creating dramatic statements.

Red color invigorates the metabolism and stirs up the energy within the human body. By paying proper attention to the use of red color, you can control the subtle elements of the room décor.

The following are some fantastic ideas to use red color smartly in the home décor:

Is Painting Walls with Red Color a good Idea?


Coloring walls with red color is a good idea for those who love expressing themselves or their personality. When you use it in home décor, it makes the entire room look bold.

However, if you use red in combination with colors like grey or white, it will look amazing. Moreover, the red color is suitable for the TV wall. If you use red color in this way, the device will tone it.

As a result, it will not look overwhelming. If you want to design a whole room with light color, a red accent wall is a great idea. It will break the dull and monotonous look.

You can also use accessories in red color for more impact and to gain a unique character.

Curate a Gallery Wall


Use an art piece to inject a new tone to the interiors. For example, you can tone down a strong impression by displaying your art collection on a red wall.

Adding black or white tones on red walls will create a perfect color combination and make a room look elegant. You can purchase art pieces from the market or online.

If not, then you can create custom prints from your favorite photos. As a result, you will achieve stunning and memorable wall art. Make sure the color combination of pictures on the red wall will not look too sensational.

Showstopping Chandelier to Make a Bold Statement

Chandeliers are a beautiful way to add personality to your room. The best thing is they are available in various styles. So, add unexpected flair to the interiors by hanging a red chandelier.

With a DIY update, you can create an eclectic statement art piece. Use red paint on exposed bulbs and make an eye-catching chandelier with it to glam up the ceilings.

Start with Eye-Catching Seating Arrangement


Red-colored couches are rare pieces opted by people for their homes. So, they take a lot of guts to choose a bold red sectional centerpiece. Instead, it would be great to opt for a dark, luxurious velvet piece.

It will quickly integrate with the room aesthetics. For example, if you pair it with neutral colors, it will give the room a timeless yet modern look.

Table Lamps

Try placing different stylish table lamps in the room to illuminate the red interiors and boost the cozy seating arrangement. It will look fantastic when you put it on a wooden coffee table sitting on a floral rug.

You can also add a red-colored bulb in table lamps for more impact and create an ambiance.

Add Retro Rugs


The red color is very beneficial in styling the interiors for a long time and transforming with all the styles to fit gracefully. For example, red shag carpets that probably belong to your grandparents add a vintage look to the interiors.

The best thing is retro is always in style. So, pull out that vintage rug from your storage area. You can also scour the secondhand shops to find an appropriate carpet to make the interiors look like a nostalgic haven.

Install a Red-Colored Headboard

Use red color for headboard and create a stunning bedroom. You can either select the solid version or use a patterned or striped design for a more subtle look.

However, while using a red headboard, be careful about choosing the accessories like bedding, etc. Though you are limited to specific colors, the red color works very well while decorating the interiors. So, do not worry much.

Style-up with Red Curtains


Some people feel choosing red-colored furniture or carpet is a bit intimidating. So, why not try out high-impact curtains of red color instead of smaller accent pieces.  Moreover, they are easy to switch and add weight to your space.

They will create an eye-catching style statement for the room.

Add Vibrancy with Red Flooring

If you want to try something bold and unique, be brave and for vibrant red flooring. Try dark redwood flooring to glam up the living room surface area. It will give a classy and glamorous look.

You can also try red-brown flooring. If you do not want to go for a wood option, place red carpets. They bring in a royal look to the interiors and keep the place vibrant yet balanced.


Red colors bring in vibrancy and draw everyone’s attention. However, you must use red color moderately to avoid overwhelming or overstimulating feel. So, working with red color is a very delicate thing.

But using it at the right place, you can create fantastic interiors.

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