7 tips for cleaning a double-door whirlpool refrigerator

The durability and long-lasting performance of your refrigerator are completely based on regular maintenance and cleaning. If you keep your fridge ugly and dirty, the level of performance and effective working of your refrigerator will be significantly reduced over a period of time. In any case, a spotless refrigerator is more energy-productive and will endure longer, so put forth the attempt one time per year and more regularly in case there’s food spillage inside. 

Keeping this bulky machine-like Whirlpool fridge double door cleaning can be a scary job, so we’ve assembled replies to your most normal inquiries regarding how to make it happen in the right way. So, here are the top 7 tips for cleaning a Whirlpool fridge double door in an easy manner. 

  • Dispose of all the unwanted edibles 

The first step in beginning the cleaning process of your refrigerator is to start by disposing of all the unwanted and rotten edibles that you have left forgotten in your fridge. Since the storage capacity of the Whirlpool fridge double door is very high, you tend to store more groceries and edibles in it that you forgot to use. 

You must throw away those unused and rotten veggies away in a period manner to maintain your refrigerator in a good conditioner. Before cleaning, take out the other essentials that are still good and store them aside to arrange later. 

  • Use only mild soap and water 

You must always be cautious not to use heavy chemical washers or any other pungent-smelling liquid cleaner which has alcohol content to clean your refrigerator. It is always recommended to use mild soap liquid with water to mildly wipe away the dirt or the spilling present inside your fridge. Using strong fragrant cleaner to clean your fridge will make the pungent smell stay with your fridge and cause hassles. 

  • Unplug before cleaning 

When you start cleaning your Whirlpool fridge double door, please remember to switch off your fridge for 20 to 30 mins for the condenser coils to cool down. This time will allow your refrigerator to defreeze and start cooling off. You can eventually begin and continue with your cleaning process in an effective manner. So do it the next time you clean your fridge. 

  • Use a smooth cotton towel 

Using a smooth cotton towel is very much ideal for cleaning your refrigerator in a smooth and effortless manner. By doing so, you can refrain from straining and scratching the surface of your fridge and cause damage to it. A cotton towel will also effectively remove the dirt from your fridge. 

  • Sanitize the fridge 

Another very important routine in cleaning your Whirlpool fridge double door is to sanitize the fridge in a proper manner before storing all the essentials back in it. By doing this routine, you can make sure that your fridge is free from bacteria and is safe to store all the edibles and fresh groceries into it. 

  • Clean condenser coils once a year 

It is also very important to clean your refrigerator condenser coil to maintain the well working and long-lasting performance of your fridge. Cleaning the condenser coils regularly will improve the cooling mechanism of your fridge and reduce the heating of your fridge. 

  • Having a box of baking soda 

To avoid a strong and pungent smell in your Whirlpool fridge double door, you have to place a little amount of baking soda in your fridge. That will effectively absorb the string smells and keep your refrigerator smell fresh and new all the time. 

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