7 Perfume Related Words that every Fragrance Lover must Know

Perfume plays an important role in how we present ourselves. It boosts our confidence and removes the bad body odour. Almost all of us buy perfumes based on our preferences and personalities and look for the best one for our special occasions too. 

But, did you know there are numerous words in the world of perfume that are unknown to many? People find it difficult to understand while reading them when looking for a new fragrance. So, to help you understand those new words, we have curated a list of perfume related words that you must know before purchasing a body mist for yourself.

Words related to the fragrance world


An accord is formulated by mixing different fragrance materials, somewhere between 6 and 8 components for creating a unique fragrance. It is considered the focal point of great perfumes that are created by skilled perfumers. A few examples of the accord are green accord made by using different grasses and leaves, or playful mojito accord made from sugar, lime, mint and rum notes. Click here dior sauvage dossier.co

Base notes

Whenever we talk about the most memorable fragrance tone, base notes come on the top. This note can be smelt when the scent gets settled on the skin. These notes are mainly distinctive, last longer and determine the character of the perfume.

EAU DE Parfum (EDP)

An Eau de Parfum or EDP consists of 10-20% of fragrance concentration. It is an ideal choice for people who look for a longer-lasting scent. This perfume lasts longer on the skin in comparison to an Eau de Toilette but does not remain longer than a Parfum.

EAU DE Cologne (EDC)

An Eau de Cologne or EDC is a light fragrance that contains approximately 2-5% aromatic compounds. All male fragrances are considered cologne but the strengths differ from perfume to perfume. But it doesn’t mean they fall into a weaker ‘Eau de Cologne’ category. These fragrances are perfect for daily wear but you may need to top them up because it lasts for approx 2-3 hours on the skin.

EAU DE Toilette (EDT)

An Eau de Toilette or EDT is one of the common strengths of fragrances. It contains a 10% fragrance concentration. It is an ideal perfume for everyday wear signature scent. It is more potent than Eau de Colognes, but it is weaker than Eau de Parfum and Parfum’s.

Fragrance Family

A classification system that the perfume industry uses to group scents is termed, fragrance families. Having an understanding of the fragrance family helps in determining which perfume to select next. Some of the leading fragrance families are oriental/amber, floral, woody, fresh, etc., these fragrances are split into subfamilies later on.


Floral perfumes are perfumes that are based on floral notes. This perfume falls into different categories, like – powdery, green, rose flowers, or white. These notes blend properly with other natural components like fruits and woods.

These new words from the realm of fragrance will definitely help you in understanding more about perfume or body spray while making a purchase. After knowing these terms, you can know how your perfume will smell, how long will it stay, and what is the perfect occasion and time to wear it. 

Furthermore, while buying scents for yourself make sure to consider a few pointers like the season, occasion, your preferences, and the most important perfume quality. For adding the best fragrance to your vanity, you can choose perfume from renowned brands like Avon. They have all types of perfumes based on different notes, you just need to choose the one that meets your requirements. 

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