6 Best Websites for Playing Online Video Games

Online games are a great way to kill your free time especially because they do not require you to download and install the setup to play the game. You just need your device with enough RAM and a good internet connection and you are good to go.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the best sources of online games that are loved by gamers across the world. Most of these sites are free and you can have as much fun as you want on them without having to buy or install the games.

So, let’s discuss some of the best websites for playing online video games one by one.

  • Miniclip

This site is among the top free online gaming platform because of its huge games collection. You can think of any genre you want and the site will show you games related to it.

Apart from a huge game library, the site also has a great user interface and you can choose and play any game you want with just a few clicks. Miniclip has a strong fanbase and its popularity is only expected to grow in the following years. So, try out the site and have fun playing games like poe ascendancy for free.

  • Pogo

This is another great free gaming site that has games from every genre including Action, mystery, casual, and crime, etc. The site is known for having very little loading speed.

Pogo has many great features like you can search any game you want using special keywords or you can just go to the menu bar and browse through various genres to find the game that suits your mood and personality best.

  • Playretrogames

Have you ever just wanted to go to the simpler times and enjoy the games you used to play as a kid? Well, this site might be the one for you. It has all the classic games such as the bomber man, super Mario, NFL football, etc., and many more.

Play retro games are totally free and secure platform. You don’t have to log in or subscribe to anything to enjoy the games on this particular site. You just type the name of the site, click on the first link, and play whatever game you want.

  • Agame

This is another cool site that does not require any login. The only drawback is that the site mainly targets a younger audience and hosts a lot of casual games.

A game does not charge you anything for its services. You can visit the site and on its main page see all the top trending games and choose from them. You can also use the search bar which is equipped with a filter search feature to find the games that appeal to you.


This site can run on both PCs and mobile devices. Armour Games has a very friendly layout which makes things convenient. On the main page, you see various sections such as popular games, latest games, and a separate section for “game of the day”.

This website gives you an unlimited variety of games that belong to various genres including puzzles, action, adventure, shooting, and RPG games, etc.

  • Kongregate

This gaming platform is ideal for both new and old gamers, as well as game developers. The site allows you to play your favorite games as well as to connect with other people through its chat forum.

Kongergate has some ads but they do not affect your gaming experience that much. The site also gives you an option to make a free account that you can use to keep your gaming record and to receive recent news and updates about games like path of exile trade.

Final Words

So, these are some of the best online videogaming sites that you most certainly should check out. All these platforms are loaded with exciting games and they do not ask you for anything in return.

Most gamers across the globe use these sites whenever they want to play free games that don’t require them to go through any registration or subscription phase.

We hope you find the best online gaming site for yourself from the above list and we wish you lots of luck in your search.                                         

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