5 Ways to Ensure Healthy Returns on Your Custom-Printed Car Stickers

Company vehicles with custom stickers and decals are amazing marketing tools. Plus, marketers can buy removable auto stickers and reuse them multiple times. Buying custom stickers is typically a one-time investment.

But, the returns on your “sticker” investment depend on how you use them. Since busy roads usually have hundreds of drivers, pedestrians, etc., your branded stickers will receive plenty of visibility.

How can business owners optimize this visibility? Here are six tips on optimizing your car stickers and ensuring they generate strong brand awareness –

1. Get the Design of Your Stickers Right

Marketing pros use a concept called “happy balance” when designing marketing materials. According to this concept, adding visual elements to marketing materials requires a sense of balance.

  • Too many high-impact visual elements may make your custom stickers look unappealing or cluttered.
  • Excessive use of white spaces may make your stickers look dull and boring.

That’s why smart marketers use two types of design elements while customizing their auto stickers –

  • Central Design Elements: Brand logos, core marketing messages, etc.
  • Supporting Elements: Design elements that help to direct the viewers to the right regions of the sticker. For example, direction signs, borders, etc.

Follow the “happy balance” concept to make normal stickers look spectacular. Also, make sure your sticker’s design elements –

  • Appeal to target audiences (e.g., local shoppers)
  • Use imagery that amplifies the content of your stickers.
  • Use original branded logos, images, etc.
  • Keep all content on the stickers short — the shorter, the better.
  • Test different stickers to check how they resonate with target audiences.

2. Use Different Types of Stickers

Auto stickers made of vinyl are very cheap. It’s easy for business owners to buy batches of these stickers, with each sticker having different shapes, sizes, and designs.

  • Buy reflective, glow-in-the-dark, or transparent stickers. Apply different types of stickers on your cars every month.
  • Buy a few non-removable stickers with permanent adhesives. Gift these stickers to local shoppers.
  • Keep reusing your display stickers for at least five years.

3. Create Highly Customized Stickers

The more unique your car sticker, the more eyes it will turn. Customized stickers can stand out on busy roads. They can catch the eyes of hundreds of drivers, pedestrians, and local shoppers if they are –

  • Applicable on different surfaces.
  • Scratch-resistant and weatherproof.
  • Fade-resistant and UV-proof.
  • Readable at one glance.
  • Noticeable from long distances.

4. Follow Local Regulations Regarding Auto Stickers

Regulations regarding auto stickers vary in different regions. Generally, the law is to not use sticker displays on windshields or windows. That’s because such stickers can block the views of drivers. Research local auto sticker regulations before applying them to business vehicles.

5. Add Business Information on Stickers

How will the people who see your auto stickers learn more about your brand? Make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with your company by including your business’s basic contact information –

  • Phone numbers
  • Email IDs
  • Social media usernames
  • Website
  • Call-to-action (CTA – e.g., “CONTACT NOW,” “FOLLOW AT…”)

Follow these steps to ensure your custom stickers generate healthy returns!

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