5 Ways to Attract Mall Shopkeepers to your Brand

Nowadays, you may have heard from a lot of sources about the mall’s demise. But there is no need to worry as all the news is a bit over-exaggerated. According to a recent study, people are visiting malls more than ever. They don’t only go to a shopping mall just to shop but to get out of their hectic routine and entertain themselves, eat, and socialize.

Also, there are times in a year when the traffic in the mall is at its peak, like during the back-to-school season or in winter holidays. The shopkeepers must know how to take advantage of such situations and attract more people towards their brand.

In this article mainly you will learn about all this, so don’t skip and read it all.

How to Get the Attention of the Customers to your Store in the Mall?

As everyone knows, the trend of online shopping is also at its peak. People find the whole process simple, less time-consuming, and not at all hectic. It is the reason the shopkeepers have to come up with techniques that attract clients and force them to get out of their homes and visit their shops in the opal square in Islamabad. Here’s how:

Use Mobile Phone in your Advantage:

When shoppers visit the mall, they usually spend a lot of time using their phones. They take photos or talk to their family members and friends to get an opinion while buying stuff. There are many who use the phone to find detailed information related to the products they are planning to purchase. Moreover, people who are under age 45 mainly use mobile coupons when shopping.

So, as a shopkeeper, now that you know that shoppers use the phone when in a mall, you can use it to your advantage by sending messages about your brand and special deals. You can even send them a message to ask if they like to sign up to receive more messages in the future from your store.

A simple method like geofencing can be used to target a certain audience that is within a certain radius of your brand. Remember messages are an excellent way to remind people about your shop.

Shopkeeper Must Know their Audience

The shopkeeper must know about their audience. Also, they must know which age group visits the mall on specific days of the week.

For example, mainly teens visit the mall on weekends because they don’t need to go to school, colleges, or universities. Also, women mainly visit the malls on weekdays from Monday to Thursday. These are the little details that any shopkeeper must know, and you should advertise the brand accordingly.

As it is the only way as a shopkeeper, you get more leads and more business.

Do Advertising near Popular Stores

People visit the mall because they find all the brands under one roof. There is no need left for them to visit multiple places in search of clothes and other accessories.

Now it is obvious that people get attracted to the big names, so the chances that your brand gets neglected are solid. Now the solution is that you can benefit from their popularity by advertising near their brand.

However, when advertising, make sure you choose a unique and attractive method as others can use the same tactic too.

What Affects the Shopping Patterns?

Now, remember that back to school or winter holidays aren’t the only time shoppers visit the mall. Occasions like Mothers, Father, and even Valentine’s Day draws a lot of traffic to the malls. Now on these occasions, it is essential for the shoppers to bring deals accordingly.

Do Think Other than Shopping

As a shopkeeper, you shouldn’t just think about shopping all the time because shoppers’ mentality works in a similar manner. They visit the mall to eat, watch movies, and for other purposes. So, you can use those elements too to advertise your brand. Present deals that even grab the attention of those who aren’t in the mall to shop.

 As a shopkeeper, if you follow the above-discussed points surely you will see positive change in your business. So, make sure to use these strategies in the right manner to attract business.

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