5 Ways Bulk SMS Technology Helps Businesses

SMS technology is a powerful tool capable of inspiring growth and turning leads into customers. The savviest of businesses realized this secret ages ago, which is why it remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers.

Unfortunately, not all marketers are utilizing the power of SMS technology as they should. This post highlights how beneficial the technology is and why it is a perfect tool for driving tangible business growth.

5 Key Benefits of SMS Texts for Marketers

SMS technology provides a brilliant opportunity for marketers to drive engagement, growth, and enhance brand loyalty. Here are five reasons why:

1.      Provides instantaneous communication

There’s no faster way to reach out to a customer than text messaging. Unlike other messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal, to name a few, SMS technology doesn’t require an internet connection.

You can, therefore, deliver SMS messages to your customers in any region, provided there’s a cellular signal.

2.      Messages have a high rate of deliverability

It is not uncommon for marketers to send marketing emails and remain to wonder if they will be delivered and opened. The problem is that email can be blocked, spammed, or deleted without being read.

In SMS technology, the case is different. Although mobile network providers have instituted spam filters for unsolicited texts and calls, once you obtain consent, the communication channel is reliable. All you need to observe are the SMS Marketing best practices.

3.      SMS commands attention

This fact is supported by statistics showing that text messages have high open rates of up to 98 percent. Such a high open rate is bound to command a similarly high response rate.

SMS technology is a direct channel, which is why most people widely use it despite being one of the most traditional communication channels.

Through SMS, businesses can deliver short and punchy marketing messages and are assured that they will be delivered and read.

4.      Increased personalization and targeting

Personalization and targeting are way easy in SMS marketing. Even when you need to send thousands of texts to customers simultaneously, it is possible with the help of a bulk SMS provider.

At Celcom Africa, for instance, you can embed unique tags to your texts, which will allow for personalization. The tag could be a product’s name, a customer’s name, or a date, among others.

These text messages become even more powerful when integrated with your CRM system. Incorporating it with your CRM lets you get comprehensive insights for better data analysis and targeting. After that, you can set up automated SMS campaigns without breaking a sweat.

5.      It is cost friendly

Compared to other forms of marketing, utilizing SMS to communicate with your customers is incredibly budget-friendly. Online ads, for instance, charge you based on cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM).

On the other hand, SMS charges you based on the number of units (made up of the characters in your text message). Usually, the price per unit rolls in cents – which is quite affordable!

How to get started

Getting started with SMS marketing for your business couldn’t be easier. Sign up for a Celcom Africa account (free) and explore the user-friendly dashboard to see how easy it is to send out hundreds of bulk SMS conveniently and affordably.

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