5 Things to Do This Weekend in British Columbia

The thought of a weekend trip might scare some people, but in all reality, it might be exactly what you need. Take a couple of days to get away from all the stress and monotony of your daily life and find new opportunities in a new place. A great location is Canadian British Columbia, and below is a list of ideas for a weekend trip there.

Vancouver Island 

Vancouver Island gives visitors a unique take on the beach experience. The west coast of Canada has beaches, but they aren’t like the beaches you commonly see on the Atlantic coast. The beaches on the west coast of Canada have beautiful mountain range scenery and small towns instead of commercialized beach towns. 

Vancouver Island is the perfect example of a western Canadian beach with everything that they have to offer. 

The City of Vancouver 

Taking a weekend trip to Vancouver is a great way to broaden your horizons and become more cultured, specifically in the arts. The art scene is so huge and varied, with several extremely popular and nationally renowned art museums as well as a popular street art community, it might even have you considering investing in Vancouver homes for sale on the market right now waiting for you. 

Vancouver is also one of the most popular cities in the entire world for filmmaking. The number of films that were shot in Vancouver that you probably didn’t know about is crazy! You might be able to learn some cool things about the arts and the film industry. 

Stanley Park 

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Stanley Park has miles of hiking and biking trails surrounded by ancient douglas fir trees. Also, in the park lies the Vancouver aquarium, a fun place to check out after exploring the outdoor aspect of the rest of the park. 

Butchart Gardens 

Pastures upon pastures of flowers await your arrival at Butchart Gardens. A unique feature about Butchart Gardens is that you can go there any time of year. It is located right outside of Victoria, so it offers a mild climate, great for maintaining a garden the size of Burchart. As the seasons change and flowers aren’t blooming, the staff changes the display. 

No matter what time of year it is, there will always be a breathtaking display at Buchart. Plus, it is a very romantic place to possibly take your significant other. 


Nelson is the perfect little quiet mountain town. It is located on the western half of Kootenay Lake, and it used to be a popular mining town. Still, towards the end of the nineteenth century, its Victorian charm attracted tourists. 

The town is located in a valley of icecaps and has a lake running through its heart. The scenery is gorgeous, and the city has plenty of rich Albertian history. Nelson is the perfect place for a weekend visit. 


Home of many world-famous ski resorts, you could spend a fun-filled winter weekend skiing in the city of Whistler.

But, if wintertime isn’t the best time for you and your family to get away, Whistler National park is home to beautiful sciencey hiking and biking trails, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities. 

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