5 Safety Tips to Drive Better and Avoid Accidents on the Road

Most people know about the road safety rules but they forget to implement them while driving because they are in a rush.

It is easy to neglect simple things like checking on the tires and getting the car serviced just because we are too busy with our lives. Well, it’s not a good practice and negligence can often result in bigger problems later on. 

Here are steps that you can follow to maintain safety rules on the road.

Keep Emergency Items in the Car

Your car may break down in the middle of the road without any repair services nearby. Instead of waiting for help and blocking the traffic, you should take precautions and have emergency items with you all the time.

Keep a flat tire repair kit, fire extinguisher, flashlight with batteries, and jumper cables in the car. Besides the items, have emergency contact numbers of the fire brigade, ambulance services, and locksmith in case you locked your keys in the car. Having these things with you will help deal with emergencies.

Check the Signals on the Dashboard

When driving, check the signals on the dashboard from time to time. If you are not familiar with the signs at the moment, then check the car’s manual to know what they are trying to tell you.

When the symbols light up or show red color it means that specific things need to be taken care of at the moment. Here are some warning signals to help operate your car safely.

  • Oil pressure warning light
  • Tire pressure warning light
  • Engine temperature warning light
  • Battery alert light
  • Low fuel indicator light

Check the Brakes and Tires Before Driving

You can avoid accidents and mishaps by checking on your car system now and then. When you start your car and notice a difference in braking performance, get it checked as soon as possible. If the brakes fail at some point while driving, it can pose a danger to nearby cars and passengers.

Always check the tires before driving to make sure they are inflated. If you have trouble turning your car around the corners, it may indicate a problem with the shock absorbers.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

When you drive, constantly watch the mirrors and look around to know what’s going on. Know when to slow down the speed to adjust for conditions like on rainy days. It is better to avoid reckless drivers and stay away from their lane.

When you go to an outdoor event, make sure to park the car on access mats for safety. Keep distance between the cars when driving and in the parking areas.

Drive Safely at Night

Driving at night is more challenging as depth perception tends to be less accurate. It is often hard to identify the objects ahead, especially if the street lights are broken or not installed. For this purpose, ensure the headlights are aligned adequately for maximum visibility.

At night, keep extra space between other vehicles to avoid accidents. Ensure that the driver is not deprived of sleep and stays focused throughout the journey.

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