5 Reasons To Opt For Odoo CRM In 2021

Odoo CRM was first started to provide technical assistance to SMEs but now it has extended its services to all types of businesses. But the best thing about the Odoo is, it offers user-friendly UI/UX design that minimizes the efforts on the part of employees to learn how the system works. Yet, the benefit goes beyond just this one fact.

Here in this article, you will find 5 reasons that I have found about the Odoo CRM really worthy of investment. Moreover, Odoo has over 1000+ Odoo CRM Consultant and Odoo Partners providing globalize Odoo ERP Implementation services and customized Odoo ERP Solutions. This means you have lots of options to look into and select that you feel can offer cost and time-efficient Odoo customized.

5 Reasons To Choose Odoo CRM In 2021

1. Array Of Applications That Supports All Kinds Of Business Functions

We are living in an era where working from home is becoming the new normal for businesses ranging from Google to Facebook and Microsoft to Mac. No matter how much working from home increases the productivity of employees, there are still many intervening variables to consider such as switching between multiple applications to send a single work file to a supervisor or to get a leave application approved. This surely increases the hustle for employees, and Odoo CRM is providing exactly that solution.

All Odoo applications are synchronized with the Dashboard. This means if you update information in the Sales application the data will be synch with other applications, you won’t have to move your mouse to update any information. In addition to synchronization, Odoo offer over 40+ applications targeted toward automating every business function.

2. Central System To Access Data And Use Application

Like I said above, Odoo’s applications are closely integrated with one another, this integration allows the user to instantly access the data from one application to another and update information without leaving the dashboard.

3. Scalable And Smooth Integration

Since all applications are closely linked and users can customize the application to match their needs. In a situation where adopting a new application is becoming difficult for employees, customers can get third-party applications smoothly integrate with the system and access it across the organization. Besides, Odoo is open-sourced, which means one can get it customized and upgrade it with time. Moreover, Odoo offers reporting and analytics features, which contain a pre-built template and drag-and-drop feature to ease the reporting process for the user.

4. Intuitive Configuration  & Community

Another plus thing about the Odoo CRM is it offers an easy-to-use configuration setting. Meaning, if you encounter a problem where you want to create a new application or a form within the application and even want to synchronize data between multiple application then you simply have to go to the configuration setting and navigate your way from the category and set things up to match your needs. In addition to this, Odoo CRM also offers low-code and no-code applications that one can use to create a personalized application, website, marketing campaign, or workflow.

However, setting the thing up, yourself can be daunting. But fear no more, Odoo has a wide community of odoo developers whom you can reach out to discuss any problem. Alongside this, you can also visit the detailed Odoo knowledge base to get step-by-step guides on integration, implementation, and customization, etc.

5. Open Source

Unlike other CRM and ERP solutions out there, Odoo is an open-source solution. This means anyone can edit and modify the system to match their needs. However, instead of self-customization, I would recommend highering a certified Odoo CRM Consultant because of two reasons. First, Techloyce have a huge team of Odoo technical and functional consultants, who are capable of performing any Odoo customization, implementation, and integration tasks quickly than non-Odoo developers.


If you are wondering why to opt for Odoo CRM when many CRM and ERP are available online, then there are three things to motivate you, first it is open source, which makes Odoo customization easier. Secondly, it has dozens of applications that one can use to automate business operations and foundations. Lastly, Odoo has a huge developer community, working worldwide, which makes consultation easier. But, getting things down by the hand of a professional can save a lot of your time and simultaneously ensure that things remain optimal all the time.

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