5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Getting Hair Extensions

Everyone loves long flowing locks these days. However, not everyone has the patience nor the time to wait for their hair to grow out. In this situation, using clip in hair extensions can be the perfect alternative.

In fact, these are so popular that the market value of the hair extensions industry all over the world has a forecasted value of 13.28 billion US dollars!

However, before you decide to opt for fancy hair extensions, you need to consider a few nitty-gritty details. Listed below are a few of those things you need to ponder upon before you make your hair extension appointment.


What Kind of Hair Extensions Do You Want? 

Did you know that hair extensions come in different shapes and sizes?  This is because different people have different types of hair. 

In addition to this, you also have the option to choose between temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair extensions. Listed below are a few types of hair extensions that you can use.

    • Weave hair extensions 
  • Clip in hair extensions
  • Micro link hair extensions 
  • Fusion hair extensions


What Type of Hair Do You Have? 

Once you have settled on what type of hair extensions you want, it is time to consider what kind of hair you have.

Do you have coarse hair or smooth hair? Is your hair naturally voluminous, or is it relatively thin? These are the questions you need to answer before you get yourself fancy hair extensions.


How to Take Care of Your Extensions?

Sure, getting hair extensions can make you look and feel better. While you are at the salon, your hairstylist might spend hours trying to perfect them. 

However, once you leave the salon, it is your job to care for your extensions. 

Do not wash your hair immediately after your appointment. Instead, wait a couple of days and wash them later. Make sure to do this carefully, as being too aggressive and harsh might loosen the extensions.


What Is Your Budget?

Yet another essential factor you need to consider is your budget and other expenses. Getting hair extensions is not cheap. Therefore, make a layout of your finances and decide on a fixed budget before booking your appointment. 

Some types of extensions are more expensive than others. This is because there are specific differences between the material, labour time, etc., which decides its final price. Thus, do your research well before finalising your budget.


Is Volume an Important Aspect To You?

The primary reason people choose to try hair extensions is that they want to add more length to their existing hair. However, they can also make your hair look more voluminous and stylish. 

If the volume is essential to you, talk to your hairstylist first to see which service would suit you the best.


Wrapping Up

From the surface, getting clip in hair extensions might seem easy as a breeze. However, when you start to ask yourself the questions mentioned above, you will realise that it can be a little overwhelming. 

However, this is not the case every time. All you need to do is talk to your stylist and identify the best hair extension service for you. This way, you will get high-quality hair that is easy to maintain with natural looks and does not cause a lot of damage. 

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