4 Ways To View A Private Instagram Account

4 Ways To View A Private Instagram Account

In today’s world, it has become almost impossible to navigate each day’s activities without the influence and help of social media. As an important tool for presenting one’s idea, business, or a part of one’s life to the public, Instagram, an example of a globally recognized social media platform, is experiencing a great influx of users each day. 

And quite often, Instagram users may want to restrict public access to their details or digital footprints to reduce the vulnerability of information and also have control over their accounts. While this is a good protective move, it is a great barrier to internet surfers hoping for lovely content or the satisfaction of their curiosities. In case you find yourself looking straight at a private Instagram account whose contents you want to have a glimpse of, any of the following could be of great use:

  • Send A Follow Request

It is as simple as it sounds. Many Instagram users set their accounts to a private mode to scrutinize the kind of people that can access their information and contents. Often, as long as you do not fall within the categories of users with potential cybercriminal motives, sending a follow request to the private account is just enough to have an unrestricted view of the account’s profile. 

The only downside to this method is that it requires the consent of the private account owner before your bid can get approved. Therefore, if you are lucky to have your follow request approved, the private account becomes accessible to you automatically. 

If the private Instagram account refuses to approve your follow request, you could try sending them a private message stating clearly what your intentions are. This approach may require you to standardize your account by adding your real pictures and ensuring that any form of anonymity is removed. These improve your chances of getting the request approved. 

Otherwise, you may have to try other ways of bypassing the user’s authorization, such as the private Instagram viewer applications or websites. 

  • View Through A Third-Party App

Whatever digital technology has made, it also has the possibility of being broken or overridden by the same technology that made it. It’s applicable in the case of a private Instagram account being the confidential lock a user can set and private Instagram viewers being the key that made accessible for the curious public. These viewers are in the forms of websites downloadable mobile applications that strike the private and confidential features set up in private Instagram accounts such that anyone can view their profiles, posts, status uploads, and other details successfully. 

Online reviews about Glassagram, which is one of the popularly used private Instagram viewers reveal that it boasts additional features like granting the user anonymity. Also, with the content like images and videos uploaded on those private Instagram accounts can be downloaded through the use of these viewers.

  • Harness Search Engine Tools

The internet has made the world a global village where any information you are looking at, whether near or far, can easily be gotten at your fingertip. Optimized Search Engine tools like Google can grant you access to privileged information concealed on a private Instagram account. And usually, there’s a collection of old posts which are archived by Google before the account is made private. Entering the username of a private Instagram account into the Google search box can yield some search results that reveal the basic details of the account user and some of their archived posts on Google. More specifically, an image search is more likely to come up with recently uploaded images from the private Instagram account.  

In addition, other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc., have been affiliated with the private Instagram account and can bring up some details associated with the private Instagram account user.

  • Use A Friend’s Account

Another easy way of viewing a private Instagram account is by using another person’s account who already has access to it. These usually have tons of followers that already have a naturalized public view of the accounts. If you are lucky to be friends or related to any of those followers, you may seek their consent to use their accounts to have a peek into the private account they are following. It can allow you to anonymously creep over their Instagram stories under your friend’s identity. Alternatively, you can ask them to forward some screenshots of the recent activities uploaded on the account. 

It can serve as a temporary means of familiarizing yourself with the private account pending the approval of your own follow request.


Confidentiality on Instagram is a thing many popular users may want to maintain, owing to several valid reasons. But this also denies their true and potential followers of the juicy updates and restricts the true definition of social media. The various ways mentioned above are useful for having a full and legitimate glimpse into the private activities happening in a private Instagram account.

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