3 Benefits of Using an Onion Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Some people are born with good hair, while others need to try many remedies to cultivate a good hair care regimen. In the name of home-based remedies, we are always up for even the most bizarre ingredients. Some can be awful in use, while others strain the hair slightly. However, another ingredient from the kitchen that can change your hair care game is Onion. We are quite sure you have heard the benefits of onion juice for many subtle reasons. But, just in case you haven’t, we have drafted this blog to make you well-versed with the top benefits of using an onion hair mask for dry and dull hair.

Also, we won’t put you in the hassle of picking the right brand for your hair care needs, as we have done all the research for you. So keep on reading the blog and check for the reasons that make it such an amazing fit for your haircare plans.

3 benefits of using onion mask for hair

We do understand that onionsmake us cry with their pungent smell, so the idea of using them on the hair seems to be less than obvious. But why do hair care experts recommend using this humble root-based vegetable for hair care? The answer lies in its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help hair grow and enhance its texture.

  1. Helps in hair growth: The sulfur-rich component in Onion is a chief component of the keratin protein required for hair growth. Besides, if you use a natural onion hair mask and shampoo regularly, you could even see better results with your hair care regimes rather quickly. It could help have smoother and longer hair. Thus, onion juice has a sea of benefits for hair health.
  2. Treats hair fall: The presence of sulfur in our hair follicles stimulates collagen synthesis, boosting new hair cell formation. Thus, onions area smart way to boost the sulfur content in our hair follicles and promote hair growth.

While the sulfur adds strength to the hair cuticle, the presence of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium in onion increases the blood circulation in the scalp to speed up the hair growth process. When infused in a hair mask, their combined effect provides ample moisture to the newer cell.

  1. Combats hair infection for healthy hair: Frequent use of onion juice will be therapeutic for your strands. Any bacterial infections or flakiness degrades hair quality and makes it frizzy, rough, and unmanageable. Not only do dandruff and infections affect the quality of hair, but they also cause hair thinning and hair breakage abundantly.

    If you are looking for a proven and potent remedy to counter dryness and dandruff, then, without any further ado, buy yourself a safe and natural onion hair mask and let your tresses achieve a glass-like shine.

It is one of the best home remedies for damaged hair to use, along with good hair care essentials such as hair fall treatment oil and shampoo. Besides, onion juice adds sulfur to the scalp, making hair thick and strong.

Shop for the best Onion Hair Mask online

While there is enough evidence to prove the benefits of onions for home-based hair care, no study takes us to the destination where we can find our ideal pick. However, by closely keeping a tab on the customer base and cosmetic experts, we recommend you opt for Mamaearth. This brand’s Onion Hair Mask is designed with celebrated ingredients and is free from parabens, silicones, oils, or dyes.

Mamaearth’s natural and toxin-free hair care product provides shine and bounce to hair without drying off the scalp. The assimilation of effective and age-old ingredients makes this Onion mask one-of-a-kind, guaranteeing the hair quality that you always dreamed of achieving.

Let this supremely prepared product take the lead from curing hair fall to making it thick and strong. Now, let’s explore some star ingredients which make this product oh-so-wow!

  1. Onion Seed Oil: Onion seed oil acts as a growth booster for hair by fostering blood circulation in the hair shaft and preventing blood loss.
  2. Redensyl: Redensyl doubles the effectiveness of this onion mask by defining the hair volume, boosting the hair thickness, and strengthening the overall hair health.
  3. Castor Oil: Castor oil is enriched with essential vitamins and antioxidants, which deeply nourish the hair and make it shinier and smoother.
  4. Amla Oil: Amla Oil is loaded with the essential nutrient which helps hair retain its moisture, strength, and density. It also acts on premature graying and restricts its growth in hair.
  5. Bhringraj Oil: Being the king of herbs, Bhringraj Oil improves blood circulation, prevents hair fall, and promotes healthy hair growth.
  6. Almond Oil: Rich in Omega-3, Fatty Acids, Phospholipids, Magnesium, and Vitamin E, Almond Oil is considered the essential food for hair to cure hair loss and heal damaged roots.

Opting for the best hair fall treatment oil

We would recommend Mamaearth Onion Oil for the best home-based hair care experience.

The best part about this safe and natural hair oil is the duo of onion extracts and Redensyl that prop the hair roots and drive out infections. When added to other carrier oils such as Almond oil, castor oil, Bhringraj Oil, Amla oil, the resulting mixture takes their attributes and becomes a more effective product for intense hair treatment at home.

So bring home this hair fall treatment oil and part your ways from hair woes like premature graying, hair fall, dryness, and split ends.


Who doesn’t long for silky tresses and healthy roots? We are sure everybody does. However, onion care comes in handy when fighting off hair woes. As much as we advocate the advantages of Onion for hair growth, we also recommend you buy a well-formulated onion hair mask from a trusted brand.

Using raw onions may hurt your scalp and disturb its pH, so you should opt for a tried-and-tested Onion Hair Mask from Mamaearth. It would be better to give your head a well-deserved massage with a matching hair fall treatment oil like onion oil for the best results.

So, put an end to your hair care miseries and order your pack of some natural goodness now!




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