3 Advantages of Hanging Scales

If you’re in the field of retail, having the perfect scale to suit your needs can make a whole world of difference. There are many types of scales out there but if you are looking for one that’s versatile and applicable for most scenarios, you might want to consider a hanging scale.

Hanging scales also called as crane scales is unique weighing tool. Traditionally, you need to place the object to be weighed on a platform for it to work. For hanging scales, you’re going to have to hang the object on machinery or a hook. Due to its nature, hanging scales can be used to measure various things from small boxes to objects that weigh hundreds of kilos.

Each type of weighing scale comes with its own set of advantages. Here are some important reasons why you might want to consider a hanging scale for your business.

  • Versatility

One of the biggest upsides to using a hanging scale is that it’s a very versatile weighing apparatus. Hanging scales are used to measure loads of up to 50kg. On the other hand, larger crane scales can weigh objects as much as 10,000kg. Not many scales are capable of weighing such masses.

Another reason why it’s so versatile is that it can measure objects o various shapes. With traditional weighing scales, objects that have an awkward shape are harder to measure accurately because some of their parts might not fit the entire platform.

With hanging scales carrying the object, you can get an accurate measure of virtually any object as long as it doesn’t exceed the weight limit.

  • Space Saving

Hanging scales are compact and it’s one reason why retailers should consider it says experts from Meltrons.

The apparatus consists usually of a hook and the weight indicator that you’ll have to hang. Compared to other weighing scales, it’s more compact meaning it can save a lot of space. This is a big plus especially for large warehouses where space is a vital resource.

Most scales are not space friendly because you have to consider the platform that will be used to hold the items. In most cases, hanging scales can be easily stored due to their size. They can also be disassembled very quickly.

  • Better Safety

The problem with most scales is that they aren’t really safe when you consider that people have to manually carry the objects to be weighed. What’s good about hanging and crane scales is that these are apparatuses that do the carrying directly.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you’re going to weigh a box of goods totalling up to 20kg. On a traditional scale, you’ll be tasked with carrying the box to the platform for it to be weighed. For crane scales, however, all you need to do is to hook the object and then it will be carried by the machine it is attached to.

You also need to consider that because of their compact size, hanging scales are great for industrial settings. You don’t have to worry about tripping over the scale in any way because it will be hanging instead of being placed around the work area.

If you’re bought on getting your own hanging scale, then here are some tips on how you can choose the perfect one for your business.

  • Interface – Digital hanging scales have interfaces that indicate the weight of the object. This is standard in modern hanging scale models. A good hanging scale should have other features such as being able to change measurement units as well as indicating the battery life remaining.
  • Weight limit – This is entirely dependent on what you are going to use the scale for. Small hanging scales can carry up to a max of 50kg but there are also some scales that can carry around 1,000kg. It’s very important that you know about the weight limit as you might risk breaking the device if it’s overloaded. Knowing the weight limit is also vital as it can help give you more accuracy when it comes to weighing.
  • Brand – Brand is a vital factor when choosing any weighing scale. This often indicates the quality of work and the quality of the material used in creating the scale. That being said, scales from a popular brand are going to have better features and are usually more durable than those from cheap brands.
  • Reviews – Make sure to read through reviews before you buy a hanging scale. This gives you a gist of what to expect when using the product.

Hanging scales are a good investment but it’s only good if you buy the right models. Its advantages over other types of weighing platforms make it a must for various types of applications. If you’re looking for a scale that offers versatility, safety, and useability in one package, then a hanging scale is what you need.


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