10 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Removal Company

In every endeavour that you encounter, there are things that you need to avoid to prevent further damages or losses. When you are pressed for time, the best thing to do is to hire professionals.

Hiring reliable and trustworthy removalists is the most efficient way to ensure that you have a hassle-free move. However, you should make sure that you prevent some mistakes.

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Removal Company

1.  Forgetting to Book a Removalist in Advance

I understand how busy it gets when preparing to move but you should never forget to book a moving company ahead of time. When you hire a removalist at the very last minute, chances are, you might hire an unsatisfactory company.

Outstanding removalists are typically receiving full bookings, especially during the moving season. In most cases, they will not be able to accommodate you on such short notice. This, in turn, will drive you to take the drastic action of hiring whoever is available.

2.  Hiring the Cheapest Moving Company

When you are looking for a removalist, one of the factors that impact your decision is the cost.

Well, who doesn’t want to save on cost?

The thing is, hiring the cheapest moving company is not always the best option. Professional movers are paid such a rate because they deserve it. You can be sure that your things are protected and shifted with due diligence.

3. Not Making a Plan

Planning always gets you ahead of the game. When you make a plan a couple of months or several weeks ahead of your moving date, you can be sure to pack all the things needed. You can schedule a visit from your removalist, so you can let them know of the important pointers during the move.

Making a plan can help you optimise your time from scheduling a removalist for onsite quotes to packing your things. You will notice that with proper planning you’ll have more time to accomplish all the important things on your checklist.

4. Failing to Ask for the Extra Charges

One of the most common mistakes that clients make is failing to ask for extra charges. During your scheduled visit from your removalist, aside from the upfront cost, ask them for other charges like gas, extra fees for a flight of stairs and use of lifting equipment.

Some removalists do not declare these charges when giving you a quote probably because they are not explicit at that time. If your moving may require the use of stairs or lifting machines, ask your moving manager about these things. It helps to know what other chargers you should be expecting to prepare your budget.

5. Getting Quotes Over the Phone

Sure you can get a quote over the phone. Many moving companies have websites that offer online or by phone estimations. Remember, however, that this is just an estimate that may either be more or less than the actual cost.

It is highly advisable to schedule a visit, so your removalist can see the actual things that they need to move. By doing so, the assigned moving manager can give you a more realistic amount.

6. Ignoring to File for Property Insurance

When you hire a professional removalist, you can be sure that you get the best service from start to finish. It is one way of having a stress-free move. Despite hiring a reliable moving company, make sure to file for property insurance.

Filing to insure your personal properties can help secure them from unwarranted events like calamities, damages and losses. This way you can have some peace of mind.

7. Not Reading the Contract Properly

I know reading contracts can be time-consuming and sometimes you just want to get it done and over with. The thing is, by signing the contract without reading its entirety, you are implicitly saying yes to all its provisions.

Make it a habit to read through contracts. This way you can ask clarifying questions before affixing your signature. It also helps to know what you are agreeing to, so read and take time to do so.

8. Hiring Without Researching

Before hiring a removalist, make sure that you’ve done your research. Read through reviews and see how they par with other companies. You can also visit their websites and check what their clients have to say about their service.

Word of mouth or hearsay reviews may not be that reliable. It helps to research the company before hiring them. You can talk to them on the phone or ask them to see you in person. This way you can gauge how they will treat you and your belongings.

9. Inability to Communicate Adequately

Clear communication plays an important role in sending and receiving messages across the other party. If there are things that your removalist should know, let them know right away.

If there is going to be an issue with parking and traveling, let them know so they can prepare. When packing needs heavy lifting or special wrapping, it may be best to inform them of these important details. Most of all, inform them of the closing dates that can impact the move.

10.  Declining to Check the Packing

Another important thing that you should squeeze into your schedule is to be there on the packing day. If you can’t, ask a family member or a representative to be there. This helps ensure that the boxes used have good quality and your items are packed with care, especially your chinaware set or your grand piano.

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